Jaylen Brown - Will Likely Use OV for UM

Can’t give away too much info (paywalled), but the focal point as it relates to us is simple, Brown is likely to use an official visit to see UM! Fingers crossed for this kid, if we somehow land Brown, he would likely be the most talented recruit to commit to UM in nearly 20 years.

Dylan - please merge if you feel the need, thought this worthy of its own thread given the type of recruit we’re talking about and the sudden and unexpected manner in which it came about. Didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.


Awesome news. Here’s hoping we hear more positive vibes going forward.

Very nice! I didn’t think he’d actually visit here.

How incredulous would it be that after all of the “disappointments” of leading for kids early only to have the rug pulled out on us, that we might come in late and snag the #1 player in the country? He’s obviously a 1 and done, and what better place for a talented wing to show out his skills than JBs offense for a year? Still believe he stays local in the end, but maybe the universe does have some unpaid karma to throw our way.

Very encouraging news. Truly believe that Michigan is the dark horse in his recruiting now.

If Beilein can pull this off, easily the biggest recruiting story of his coaching career.

Interesting how we came into this so late. You have to figure some serious interest on Brown’s part here. If the visit becomes official hopefully we are starting to see top recruits seek us out as much as we seek them out. This situation differs from us recruiting a top guy only to hear positive things and than watch them go elsewhere. Kind of how Matt D has repeatedly said it takes time for our success on the court to show up on the recruiting trail. Even if this doesn’t go our way I think it says a lot that he seeked us out and made us an official visit.

Brown still doesn’t have a UNC offer, is that correct? Just Roy Williams saying “we can use you” and taking an OV there?

Wonder why his family reached out to UM so late in the process. Perhaps he is not satisfied with his other OV destinations of Kansas, Kentucky (both already visited) and UCLA?

Also, keep in mind Mitch McGary was the #1 player in the country when he committed to UM, so Brown would not necessarily be Beilein’s biggest recruiting coup.

Difference between “coup” and talent. Mitch is among my top 5 favorites at UM, but he simply wasnt as talented as Brown in HS in my opinion. Short story - there is a difference between rankings and talent.

McGary was a definite big signing at the time. However I think at that point in time McGary signing was seen as a exception not a rule for us. Brown would be seen in a similar light in most circles. However at the time I think the program was in a different part of its growth. Than we would be happy to just make the tournament on a consistent basis. Now the expectation is higher and hopefully recruiting will follow suit. Don’t get me wrong I think Beilien will always look at guys he sees further growth in but if we are at the point where we can mix some guys of this talent level in here or there I think we are in great shape. The first part of our recruiting growth was just getting talent of this level to listen to us (like we have the last few years), give us some consideration. The next step is getting these guys to not only look at us but now start to seek us out (which hopefully this Brown development is a sign of). Not saying it is but hopefully.

Brown is on a whole other level than McGary IMO

Nothing against Mitch - and he was a gigantic commit.

Not that it matters, but it’d be great to land a recruit that the McDonald’s AA game simply can’t snub.

The fit would be perfect and he is on record saying that fit is extremely important.

When I watch this kid’s film, I see Jabari Parker body with more handles/change of direction and athleticism. That is scary. This kid has the potential to be a 20, 10, 4 player as a freshman.

The similarities in explosiveness with Brown and Parker is undeniable. Brown’s handle does seem superior, and he plays like a SG/SF win. Parker had more size and played more of a SF/PF role.

Definitely looks capable of 20ppg.

Brown would be a much bigger coup than McGary, and that’s not really a knock against McGary. Brown would be the first unquestioned one and done player for Michigan in a long time. And having a guy that is projected to go in the top 5 of the draft from the time he stepped on campus would be great exposure for UM for other recruits. All our other first rounders have kind of rose as the season went on.

Zagoria reporting that Brown confirms he will take OV to UM. Caveats apply because Zagoria isn’t the most reliable, but if he is taking a direct quote from Brown, this is very good news

Just talked to Jaylen Brown @FCHWPO . Said UCLA visit was great. Will take officials to Michigan and UNC and unofficals to UGA & Ga Tech.

— Adam Zagoria (@AdamZagoria) November 3, 2014

Edit - Brown says he will “probably” take OV to UM. Contrary to what we originally thought, UM was involved prior to the Jordan visit to Brown…“UM got involved about a month and a half ago”…still odd that he contacted us rather than vice versa.

From the context of the interview it sounds as if Browns is bias toward UNC, and they will be tough to beat.

Does any of this have to do with the recent flurry of (re)talking about the North Carolina academic issues? Or is that commonly known as a non-issue to recruits?

Just curious if that might cause NC guys to keep a backup plan.

Brown projected to be #1 pick kin 16 draft per Draft Express - i can certainly see that. His raw talent and athleteicism alone warrant it


Brown hosted UNC for a home visit this weekend

Just wondering…do we have a legitimate chance at Brown?