Jalen Wilson sets decision date for Wednesday


Could have a Wilson/Matthews positive decisions for JB the same day. That would be cool. I also heard DJ Carton is getting close.


I’ve been thinking about that all evening. Certainly hope we get great news x2 on Wednesday!

I hope there’s no hat fake nonsense.

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5pm EST or CST?

Believe it is at 5pm central (local) so 6 eastern.


Will his announcement be streamed anywhere? Or is it a social media type announcement?

Twitter I believe.

Getting nervous about Matthews. He has 65 minutes to decide.

Be nervous no longer, my friend! :smiley::smile:


2 for 2 would be sweet!

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Is there a stream for his decision? Or will he just be tweeting?


Package deal?!? Haha


I hope it’s not a package deal because RJ lists Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma State and UCLA ,but not Michigan. While I’d love for us to get Hampton, I’ll be more than happy with Jalen Wilson and DJ Carton!

Haven"t seen anything on M recruiting Hampton. All the crystal ball projections has 99% Wilson going to Michigan. However you never know till it happens.

He is a 2020 kid and I think that we have been linked to him before but doubt there is a real chance

Also think that Dylan may have mentioned it but that might be the first year for high school to nba again so that is a completely different factor


I didn’t see a link to UM on 247 for Hampton, but he IS a combo at 6’4, so if Poole ends up going pro…well you never know! Could happen.