Jalen Wilson sets decision date for Wednesday


A little over dramatic, but I like the punch line.


The punch line is all that counts! Great news x2! Go Blue!


This is awesome! A great day for Michigan and Coach Beilein!!


Boom! Best decision video ever.


Love it!! It’s a spoof from the Pepsi commercial…Kyrie, right?


Soon to be a movie: https://www.uncledrew.movie/


Uncle Jalen! Love it. Good stuff! Go blue.


That is a high production value commit video. Impressive. He’s also a great fit for Michigan.


Awesome video from Jalen!


Wilson is definitely going to add to the Poole/Ibi hair style where we can’t tell who’s on the court on TV.


I can tell you right now it won’t be Ibi :wink:


Haha touche. I meant it as the dynamic this year between the two, which will now be Poole/Wilson in 2019.