Isaiah Livers undergoes successful surgery on right foot

Key news is that recovery time is expected to be six months. Awful break for a senior who would have been able to go into the NBA Draft process.


Is it crazy for me to think it might be in his best interest to play another season of college to boost his draft stock because he’s missing the combine anyway?


We all can hope

I think his draft stock is what it is. Teams have 4 years of tape on him. Nothing going to change in terms of evaluation.

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He’d also be 24 by the time he gets to the NBA, and that assumes he doesn’t suffer another major injury like he has for the past 2 years. This might be the end of his draft stock this year, but not sure how he’s making it up with another year of college.

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I might tinker with the odds of his return based upon the status of NIL rights. Livers and Bohannon were the leaders of the #NotNCAAProperty movement and Bohannon said he would return to Iowa next year if NIL were to pass.

However, Livers is/was a much more highly regarded NBA prospect so he is probably gone no matter what.

Yeah, that doesn’t leave much room for error.

If rehab/recovery is 6 months, couldn’t he do that on UofM’s dime vs. an agent or his own? I don’t know if he has coaching aspirations, but he could maybe use this time to be a player coach while “technically” on the team.

Rest, recover, learn, play Jan-March.


Yeah idk what you do here. Zero percent chance he gets drafted now. Either stays another year or fights his way up from a generic G-League contract.

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Yeah, he’s on the Charles Matthews track now. Really sucks for him. Dang…

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Getting drafted in the 2nd round isn’t something to aspire to anyways - lots of guys in those spots are put in terrible positions for teams that they don’t fit with. He’s not coming back, I’d bet my next paycheck on that.

What a bittersweet season it’s been. Quite the roller coaster.


This is exactly why anybody who says Franz should come back is crazy. One injury away from losing a ton of $$


Never knew that things would be so devastating in so many ways after we had clinched the regular season title. I really hope Isaiah gets a shot in the 2nd round, he absolutely deserves it.

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At the very least, he can hire an agent and go through the process and try to find someone who will take him on. Might be an incentive to retain his eligibility through that process now though.


If Livers and Eli AND Chaundee come back, we would immediately have to retire the “Izzo’s guys always stay and ours always leave” talking point forever.


This is a different context though because none of the 3 would be drafted. Most of the MSU razzing comes when players who are draftable stick around.


Disagree. Izzo has lottery/1st round guys come back. Now if Franz comes back…I’d agree.


He’s also pretty fragile in general. Every dang landing he had looked awkward, like the groin issue never fully recovered. I feel like you just hope someone takes a flier on you as an undrafted free agent.