Isaiah Livers undergoes successful surgery on right foot

Get the band back together for one last gig.


So if he’s full speed at the beginning of October, is that a scenario where he could catch on with an NBA team, or does he look to an overseas league where the timing is more favorable?

I would guess he sticks around and try’s his shot at a 2way or Gleague at worst. Heading overseas would be an unlikely outcome

Typically in Europe teams will be looking for players in certain time frames:

  • Summer time/early fall (off-season/pre-season)
  • Christmas break (switching out imports)
  • Playoff run (May-June)

Comprehensive listing at this link:

I’m always team stay in school if it’s close and a second round thing that doesn’t look advantageous. But Franz needs to go go go and get his money. And fwiw, he did a ton to build Juwan’s program.

Isaiah, though… 13 points from 1000 :sob:

Probably time to make some money, but I would love to have him back!

Or he returns and turns into Josh Langford 2.0 and his ending becomes sad and too drawn out.


G-League pay sucks though. $35K? Give me a break.

Not great but he has free time for the summer and can do camps and autographs and appearances and all that jazz. It’s a more likely path to the nba when in his situation

Dylan I hope they didn’t Under do the surgery lol, think the headline was supposed to be undergoes

fixed it . . .

If that was a response to me, I hope it was clear that I want Franz to get himself to the NBA stat

I’m envisioning Mark Emmert telling Livers, a lead of #NotNCAAProperty a speedy recovery after playing for free just snatched his shot at a payday for him

And it’s making me want to scream


Whoops thanks. Just fixed it.

And with a starting lineup of Eli-Chaundee-Livers-Johns-Hunter, Michigan would take Wisconsin’s mantle of “This team’s starting lineup is older than the starting lineup of the Chicago Bulls”…unless all of the Wisconsin players come back lol


No it was about livers foot injury and possibly returning

Minimum six months of recovery? Yikes. This was a worse injury than was let on, apparently.

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To say he has no shot of being drafted lacks consideration for 1) his diversity of skills and proven development and 2) that a team already was warm to him and isn’t scared off my the foot (see Caris). I asked one evaluator at the 2019 msu game who he was there to see and livers was mentioned before three guys currently on Nba rosters. I sat within an earshot and chatted up another draft related media person in Indy last weekend at lunch (who many of us follow on Twitter) who also held him in high regard and seemed to think he’d be just fine. Two data points 2y apart but enough for me to find comments that he has zero chance to be off.

I also think the chance of him coming back is non-zero, and would be fueled by his conversations with those teams who had eyes on him previously. If he’s looking at an undrafted situation (possible but not 100pct), coming back is visibility leading a loaded team that should be poised for a deep run. Just depends on the trade off between high visibility but being a student athlete vs less visibility and only focusing on basketball in whatever form playing full time is an option.

Lastly, to comments that being picked in the second round or playing in the gleague is nothing to aspire for feel pretty far off to me. Plenty of seconds make good money (see Glenn), several gleague guys have gotten good development and have gotten paid (see Duncan). If someone wants to play basketball full time and see where they top out if they work their butt off I say great for them. To say it’s not worth it bc it only pays 35k I honestly makes me cringe. Guy gets to do what he loves 24/7 against great competition and to see what happens. That’s all you can ask for in 98pct of cases, and if it doesn’t work out, Isaiah Livers is one guy who id bet any amount of money on, will be just fine at whatever he decides to do.


Duncan was a two-way contract. Not a G Leaguer straight up

Wait, does this mean he is officially ruled out to return for the remainder of the ncaa tournament?


My word choice was poor when I said being a 2nd round pick is not something to aspire to, but my intentions are in line with what you’re ultimately saying.

To re-phrase: Livers should leave even if this injury prevents him from being drafted. He was likely going to be a 2nd round pick even if fully healthy. But the overall point is that 2nd rounders don’t have nearly as much security as 1st rounders do, therefore him going undrafted isn’t a drastic difference vs. being picked in the 2nd round. And perhaps going undrafted could benefit him due to the fact that he gets to pick his desired team. If Livers’ shooting translates to the NBA level, I could see him being a great fit on a team like the warriors or Mavericks.