Isaiah Livers out indefinitely with groin injury

Cool . Very cool

next man up

Well, I was looking for a reason to start drinking early today. Found it!




Are we talking weeks or months here

Prob another caris levert situation

indefinite after a week evaluating the injury is pretty ominous wording


Really? If it was that long wouldn’t surgery be required

A groin strain can be 4-6 weeks

Not good, not good at all

Been a while since we’ve had to deal with a significant injury. Hope Isaiah ca recover as soon as possible to continue his quality season. But groin injuries are pesky

Franz breaking his wrist kinda fits in, but I can’t remember the last big one before that. Caris’ struggles with injuries of course come to mind, but nothing between there Franz pops into my head.

Without Livers, likely will be rough start in conference. Lots of tough games coming the next 3 weeks, 1-5 to start conference play is a real possibility.

Mr. Bajema you’re up!


Livers is super important but this team is too talented to start 1-5 imo . Luckily Johns seems to be stepping up at the right time. Id roll with him for 25 at the four and the other fifteen you slide Franz to the four and go with the three guard line up. Since shooting and scoring is the biggest question mark with livers out I think that line up for 15-20 a Game could make up for it.


Luckily we might just have enough depth that we can survive this. Also thinking big picture ( tourney time) a larger offensive role/ minutes for ddj, Franz and Johns ( here to pump you up) could possibly give the squad a higher ceiling come March. If Johns shows he can consistently stoke it from deep which he can imo (all mental) then maybe standard lineup for more but either way that combo can help us survive.

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For anytime that Livers is out, it’s absolutely paramount that Franz shoots well. Like if he doesn’t, it’s hard to see where the points are efficiently coming from.


@MSU, Purdue, @Minnesota, and @Iowa is a tough start to the year especially with your best scorer and wing defender on the bench. A 3-3 B1G start seemed likely with Livers in the lineup, without him not sure what to think but 3-3 would be a great start with out him. Hopefully he’s back in the next week or 2, I think Johns still has a ways to go before he can be relied upon.

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If Livers is out for something like 6 weeks, it seems like he will be less likely to enter the NBA draft after this season. If Johns does well as his replacement, will both of them being with us next year have any effect on Todd’s thinking about next year?

If todd can’t play with good players or accept competition - he’s not good for this team. He seems to be a high character kid , so personally I don’t think that affects him. At least I hope not. I can’t wait until that saga is over.