Isaiah Livers is a game-time type of decision at Rutgers

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Livers may start to be known as GTD.


I’d be okay with starting out with Johns this game and bringing Livers off the bench when he’s ready. Hopefully Johns can have another great game against Rutgers, last game against he was the X-factor for sure.


i’m guessing Livers will only play if he’s ready. And if he’s ready, he starts. If he’s not healthy, let him rest rather than just bringing him off the bench and risk further injury/be inefficient.


i can agree with you on that. i forgot he didn’t play when they were at MSG.

Not sure this is any more info than we already had. Even if Isaiah was doing backflips in his limited action when he returned vs. Indiana and was 100%, I think Juwan is telling folks he is a game-time decision.


I’d rather start livers, to me it’s more comfortable to loosen the ankle in warm
Ups and then go right out, than to get loose, let it tighten on the bench then come in.

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If Livers is cleared to play, he’ll start.

If he’s not, he’ll wear sweat pants and won’t play.

Seems pretty clear at this point based on his injury status throughout the year.


Line just moved to Rutgers 2.5 everywhere… either a reaction to Rothstein’s tweet or something more

What was the line before?

Opened at Rutgers -1, think it moved pretty quickly to Rutgers -2. Now -2.5.

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haha wow yeah it’s -2.5 now and when I last checked it was -1.5. My google history says last I checked was 15 minutes ago… Thats a quick change.

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It literally moved in 5-10 minutes dude…


I’d be shocked if he’s not playing. Take that free point

I sincerely doubt that Livers’ availability for the game tonight is a game-time decision. JH assuredly knows by now, 9 hours before game time, whether Livers is healthy enough to play tonight. They just do not want Rutgers coaches to know before game time and therefore us Michigan fans to know either.


Yep. It’s 100% this. If Livers was feeling completely fine the day after for that BTN interview, he’s fine now. But, I did just get a better moneyline deal out of it. :rofl:


Coach cares about the fans! :slight_smile:

why would you be shocked?

we beat these guys in a semi road game already, why not try to do it again with same team and rest livers for the road match up against purdue (who we almost lost to at home and is tough on the road)

MSG is way different than the RAC. There is a reason they are 17-0 there. It will be a raucous atmosphere and we need all hands on deck, if possible. If Livers can play, he should play.