Iowa at Michigan Discussion Thread

6:30 p.m. BTN Wednesday.


Any news on Livers’ ankle?

I hope they don’ Rush him back too soon and prolong the injury. We will need him more going forward than we do against Iowa.


No complaints about that game. It seems like we’re in a real nice place as a team heading into the Ohio State showdown.

CM went from one of our few sure things, to being a bucket of unlocked/counterproductive potential. Imagine this team with non-con CM. And with Poole making shots.

Good thing, tho: Simmons looking totally viable as the backup PG, and yet MAAR at the PG might still be the better option with how he’s distributing and protecting the ball


Boring, comfortable win with some nice positives. Love these types of games every now and then.

Is it Sunday yet? Already can’t wait!


Matthews having a 92.1 conference ORtg on a 24.4% usage rate is not optimal.


Michigan attempted 23 more threes, grabbed 6 more offensive boards, and turned the ball over just 6 times to Iowa’s 16. Game Recap:

Thought this was interesting after a solid game from
Simmons tonight


That’s an awesome quote


To me, tonight was the first real signs that 2 of 3 areas of improvement that could raise our NCAA tournament ceiling actually are possible…

  • signs of life at backup point guard. Really solid game from Simmons. He made a few small mistakes turnover wise but he also had 3 or 4 nice passes and was more aggressive off the dribble than any game all season.

  • Hello Duncan Robinson. He shoots like that the rest of the year, or even just his typical percent from years 1-2, this team’s offensive potential jumps enormously.

Now if only we could start making some free throws. Also that MAAR, Poole, Duncan, Livers, Wagner lineup was looking niiiiiice. That should be the answer in late game situations.

Lastly I had to rewind my tv and make sure I heard “Abdur-Rahkman is leading the country in assist to turnover ratio”. He went from 2:1 last year to 6:1 this year. Classic Beilien.


Pretty crazy that Rahk only has 15 TO’s on the entire season especially since he plays 35 mins a game.

Teske was really good tonight. Best game he’s played in a while.

Matthews definitely wins the award for most frustrating player. He was really good in the non conf season but I guess he’s been much better scouted in the conf season and his tendencies have been found out. He just has some bad habits he needs to improve on. He still dribbles with his head down and not sure I’ve seen a player get stripped so easily or lose the ball in traffic so often.

I get legitimately anxious when Charles tries to do something with the ball… his jumper doesn’t look pretty, he turns it over too much when he dribbles to the rim, and his finishing has been subpar recently. Poole is just so inconsistent and also makes glaring mistakes (on both ends), which is why Charles continues to play a lot of minutes. We are REALLY going to miss MAAR next year — much more than people think. He is so solid on both ends and is one guy you can count on not to make mistakes.

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That’s getting into “funny typo” area, it’s incredible how good he is at taking care of the ball.


One other thought on this game, it’s sad that after last night there’s only one more home game left for MAAR and Duncan. Maybe (probably?) the last home game for Moe as well.


Wow, I so appreciate this insight into the young man’s thinking. Hats off to him, and to Quinn for asking him. Talk about the differences between the MAC and B1G aside, there’s no way you can watch his highlights and not believe that he was capable of contributing. The question has been time and breaks.

particularly as he still has no left hand—and I mean that with respect