Iowa at Michigan Discussion Thread


All season I’ve felt really feel bad for him. It sucks to make a big move like that and then to just end up spending the final year of your career on the bench. I hope he can break out right now and get some closure.


Rebounding was tremendous for M against Iowa.
This is M’s best rebounding team since… I have no idea. Has to be pre Beilein??


If Simmons can keep this up, opponents will have to pick their poison when choosing man-to-man or zone. He is much better than Simpson at the latter. When push comes to shove Beilein will do the same as he did last night and put in the more effective player for the situation. IMO, against the zone it should be Simmons - Brooks - Zavier.


I agree that it gives so many more options. Beilein did it at the 4 last night too. Iowa kept sitting in that zone and he pulled Livers less than 2 minutes into 2nd half.

IF Robinson can continue his hot shooting, Simmons is for real and then you could easily sub Poole for Matthews and teams should not be able to zone Michigan.


You’d be giving up more on D that way, but it could work for stretches. You’d have to have Livers on the floor since he can guard 2-4. Maybe Teske too.



I think some of this credit could go to Mathews and his athleticism. I was at the Minni game and from what I see he’s typically the quickest off the floor. He really elevates and is in the air first if that makes any sense. Watch him explode off the floor…the kid has hops.


Agree…it seems when Z is on the floor they take away Dunkin…the PG has to be a threat to score in order for the spread to work and be most effective. The dribble drive is great but you need jump shooters to draw the defense out.

Go Blue!


I sat next to his family in Maui (cool story bro), and they were nothing but positive/enthusiastic for him and the team, even while he was playing poorly or sitting on the bench. Have watched his attitude throughout the season and he’s never moped about not playing. He’s frustrating to watch, but I hope yesterday’s game carries him to some solid games to close the season. If nothing else his attitude has been great and he appears to be a great teammate. I’ll be rooting for him down the stretch.


Great read here.


Random, not sure why you deleted your post, but I agree. Jaaron still has time. Hopefully last night was just the beginning of what we may see from him. By all accounts he’s a great kid and he has a whole lot of folks on here pulling for him, for him, for the team, and because we love Michigan basketball.


Yeah, didn’t occur to me that the delete wouldn’t be instantaneous. I agree with you–it’s very exciting to see Simmons have a great night. He has a fan club and I tend to remember some players for their absolutely unforgettable moments in March more than regular season moments. Mitch McGary, Matt Vogrich, Kam Chatman, and DJ Wilson come to mind. I hope Jaaron Simmons explodes in the Big 10 or NCAA Tournament for at least one game. He’ll be remembered.


Matt Vogrich had an unforgettable moment in March?


I loved how M was playing fast on offense yesterday, but not turning the ball over and the ball wasn’t sticking. Lot of hockey assists out there. Some tic tac toe going on.


It’s kind of weird to me how Simmons seems to have a short leash when turning the ball over and Charles Matthews doesn’t…


I remember pulling up hitting a deep 3 against Tennessee in a blowout. It was memorable. The announcer was taken aback by another M player draining a deep 3


Hmm…for some reason I thought he hit several triples in that game against Tennessee. I made that part up, but his 11 points off the bench stood out to me all the same.


Yeah I looked up the boxscore and he had 11 points. But just that one 3. After looking at the boxscore I remembered a backdoor basket or two. But the memorable play from that one is easily the Stu Douglass dunk with THJ jumping in the background and the memorable performance was Zack with 4 or 5 3s. Not sure I’d put that in the same sentence as the other ones mentioned haha.

@Random_Noise you must have been confusing him with Novak. No biggie though, my memory is the worst.


My guess is still his defense. When he came in the second half, Bohannon ran him off two screen actions. One for a score and one for a good look. (From what I recall) I specifically remember MAAR came in for him after a TV timeout to guard Bohannon and played the screen action differently than Simmons.

Matthews aside, I do agree Simmons had too short of a leash last night. Felt like he earned more opportunity with that first half. At least let him play through those (maybe?) mistakes. I still feel like Beilein is waiting for him to buy into the defense before leaving him out there longer.


I think it is a difference between making the right play poorly and messing it up (i.e. getting stripped or making an errant pass) and being in the wrong spot or making the wrong play.