Introducing The Ultimate NCAA Tournament Preview

Dylan - Did I see you created a bracket contest for your subscribers just for fun? I was thinking of using your Ultimate Preview to try my luck against the forum here but I can’t seem to find the post you made sharing that…or I’m crazy and getting my bracket contests confused. :slight_smile:

Amazing job with this, Dylan! We all appreciate it.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. Just trying to spread the word a bit before the whole project is completely irrelevant at noon on Friday. :rofl:


Hey, at least you get one extra day this year! :joy:

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Only reason I did it. :wink:

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@umhoops , thanks for this. I’ve spent probably already 5-6 hours on it while doing my brackets. It’s a fantastic tool, and it even stresses me out that I’m not leveraging all the information on it due to time. I hope this continues even past March Madness. I could see it blowing up, because it really applies to everyone. Great job, and it’s impressive you were able to do all this while also entertaining us on umhoops.
One little thing I noticed if it helps: “ The 2nd seeded Cougars are ranked 2nd nationally per Bart Torvik. Their computer numbers suggest they should be closer to a 0 or 1 seed.”
I assume given a threshold, you write they should be 1 or 2 seeds better. But for already 2 seeds, it creates than 0 :grin:

Whoops, thanks. :rofl:

It was a bit clunky to navigate between game previews and this should help:

Subscribed! Great work! Makes it really easy to compare team stats.

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