UM Hoops Bracket Challenge 2021

I put together a quick bracket challenge (just for a bit of fun) for everyone to participate in.

Feel free to join here:


Thank you!

Wow, I’m pretty rattled at the Kenpom matchup simulator tool being disabled. My golden method that always seemed to spit out good brackets was using that to get the matchup percentages and 1-100 to choose. It took my terrible bias out of the equation. Anyone know how to get projected percentages for matchups out of Kenpom’s data itself?

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I’m running a $20 bracket group through espn as well if anyone wants in. Winner takes all!

Message me if you want the details, would love to get as many people as possible.

Dylan, could you please post your bracket either here or on your CBB guide? I think it’s be interesting to see.

I can post one when I get around to filling one out… haven’t really dove in yet.

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It’ll also be up for view on ESPN once the games start in the UMHoops bracket challenge

yeah but by then the brackets are locked. I want to steal Dylan’s picks


Exactly. Complete sentence.

Any big ten matchups that stick out to you one way or another? What about outside the big ten?

You ever post your bracket, Dylan? Want to make sure I didn’t miss it!

I haven’t had time to sit down and really do one yet.

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I don’t know how to answer your question, but I’m using Dylan’s matchup generator and finding the Bart Torvik win percentages at the bottom of each matchup, and then randomly generating a winner from there.

There’s probably an easier way to do it but I have no idea what that would be!

Assuming @BigBoutros has Greg leading the Badgers to the Final 4.


After the first weekend, I’m just happy to be on the first page of results. Top 50 FTW!