Introducing a new NCAA Tournament project

I’m excited to announce a new project!

I obviously spend a lot of time writing previews & wanted to build something for the NCAA Tournament. I put together an all-in-one NCAA tourney guide that presents the most useful insights for every possible matchup.

I tried to incorporate all of the stats, trends, charts and angles that I’d look at to write a preview on UM Hoops. Then I put together rules to show the most important stats for every game. And not just every game, but every potential matchup.

There are previews of every team, region, game and matchup with more than enough to help you find an edge filling out your bracket.

$20 for access to the whole site. Enjoy!

Please share any feedback or things you’d like to see. Definitely a bit of a thought experiment here and hoping that it is very useful but want to build it beyond this if possible as well.


Take my money


Congrats Dylan! And, uh, the title has a typo.

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Paid and subscribed!


This is how I learned that all the previews are written by Dylan’s algorithm. :joy:

:rofl: My process was really to go back through old previews line by line to be honest.


This is awesome. I know this question is premature but any thoughts on potentially doing this as a full thing next season? Obviously it would be work to set up, but I’d definitely pay for this to use over the course of the season next year for any random game, and I’m sure a lot of the bettors on this site would too.

Depending on how it is received, definitely considering something along those lines.


Alright everyone, throw your money at this ASAP

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Subscribed, and jammed a couple $20 bills into my USB ports to make sure it worked.


I’ll gladly buy this, if for nothing else, to give Dylan extra $$$ since $3.99/mo is a ripoff.

Been doing well on CBB gambling, so I got the money to spare. I’ll consider this an investment.

I keep thinking to myself that I really like this idea but I can’t imagine myself using it more than once or twice because the amount of data would overwhelm me. But then I saw your post and agree. I’m getting the guide, and if I only use it once, I’m happy to just consider this as part of the cost of my UMHoops sub.

As a related aside, @umhoops , one of the suggested unread forum posts that popped up for me recently was the idea about sponsoring memberships. I loved it but saw I was months late. If you run it back pre-tourney (or if you do it for your CBB guide), I can guarantee you’ll have one sponsor.

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Pulled up one game and it convinced me to pick Oklahoma over Missouri.

Awesome stuff @umhoops ! One extremely minor suggestion, which might not be feasible or worth the effort, would be to somehow add height/weight measurements on the “personnel” tabs?

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Good idea – will try to get those added.

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Heights/weights should be in, or at least populating now.


I was convinced of the opposite haha

Oops :sweat_smile: The transition stats are what convinced me

I’m just imagining Oklahoma going 10/30 on mid-range 2s