Hunter Dickinson to return for junior season

Once I seen his Twitter promoting a U of M card for a grocery store I had a feeling he would be back.


More threes. I think he develops it further making him pretty much Unguardable at the college level.


Teske 2.0?

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Will definitely be interesting to see what he works on this offseason. If he can improve his defense he will be nearly unstoppable.

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Can’t imagine ever wearing this outside of my house, but I feel compelled to buy it in remembrance of today.


Jimmer Fredette range. Raining from the center court logo.


According to my research (which consists solely of farcical message board posts), if Hunter can just find some sand to practice his defensive slide steps, he most assuredly will develop the lateral quickness to become the #1 pick next year.


I seem to recall video of old friend Aaron Craft doing defensive shuffle drills while holding bricks in his hands. Maybe Hunter should look into that.

Neither moussa or houstan use social media, so only we will learn via the nba list, the school or a media leak

I agree hunter is not an elite defender but I think a large part of it was how many minutes he was playing and everything that was asked of him on offense. A Frankie and Shannon backcourt would help him considerably as well.


Certainly Hunter at C is a given I think we can add in two others as likely.

PG: Frankie Collins
SF: TWill
C; Hunter

I like so much of what Williams theoretically offers but to me it’s still largely in theory. He’s got a knack for scoring Layton games and I think he uses the glass really well when he gets downhill, but there’s a ways to go on both sides of the ball before I’m seeing a starter there, especially on D. He could very easily get there by this season though.

Uh…I am not ready to put TWill in as a starter and certainly not at the 3.


True though he’s a little short he is strong around the bucket. I think much of his game he plays like a 4 not a 3 spot, but can shoot the 3 ball. I can see Howard at the 3 while T Will at the 4. This all is depending on the return or not by Houstan and Debate of course.

Right now my expectation of line up next year is a Villanova like scenario 2-4


T will is gonna be in me of those three wing spots

I think that’s a better way to think about it - good post. I also think that opens up more options on defense, especially when you also have Frankie at PG. You can take those three wings and do a lot of switching and be pretty aggressive given the depth there. Not unlike Hunter’s freshman year with Eli, Chaunde, Franz, and Livers. Hopefully some of those wing minutes are for Diabate and Houstan also.

It’s funny because I looked at Hunter’s overall recruiting battle for UM to be between Kessler and Mark Williams.

Both of those guys are projected as mid-1st rounders, while Hunter’s coming back for year 3. And Hunter’s been the most productive/valuable/most skilled of the 3 in my opinion too (I admit Williams/Kessler have desirable NBA traits, but I’d still take Hunter in college).


There have been a couple of recruitments that Juwan has crushed as long plays but they haven’t gotten as much attention as the five-star stuff like Todd, Christopher, Houstan, etc.

HD was a big win at the time but has turned out to be a program transformer.

For some reason some people call Franz a Beilein recruit but Juwan had a uniquely difficult task there. We were lucky Franz even got on the plane to visit with no HC.

Flipping TWill from a Georgetown program that was feeling sexy at the time.

Landing Frankie was a pimp move as we were his final offer yet got him to sign early – and he had some good offers for over two years (Oklahoma, USC, Auburn).



So ridiculous for people call Franz a Beilein recruit when he never committed to him. People love to forget Franz is his own man, he was under no obligation to commit to Michigan.


Franz may not be a Beilein recruit, but he’s also not a Juwan recruit. Let’s be honest, if Moe didn’t go to UM, Franz never comes.