Grad transfer Bryce Aiken to announce decision on Thursday

Smoke has been around Seton Hall from when this recruitment started. Aiken has been very quiet but we are in a situation where staying close to home makes a lot of sense obviously.

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Aiken got a CB to Seton Hall from a BC insider who apparently is a college student at Seton Hall and writes for their school paper.

Maybe he is twins with the guy that said Cooley is our new coach.


I didn’t see hardly any ball screen plays in that video. I know he barely played this past year, but I’m wondering how he would fit in the overall offensive scheme. He seems like a good scorer and has the potential to be a great shooter. But how well does he run an offense?

He’s very good out of PNR. More of a 60-40 shoot-pass split, compared to a guy like Simpson who is a 40-60 but he’s very good.

If Michigan misses out on Aiken and Christopher I wonder if DDJ would consider coming back.

That the announcement is scheduled so soon after DDJ’s transfer is announced – that’s a reason to be hopeful.


I also really like that elbow jumper Aiken has. I think this guy would be a huge addition I just wonder about the injury issues which will almost certainly be a factor.

I think that’s another example of lumping things together that aren’t actually related :wink:


So Michigan just needs to come from behind and steal a big win away from Seton Hall at the last second?


Alright, I’ll be that guy.

Why in the world would a grad transfer from Harvard pick Seton Hall over Michigan, especially when we have starter-type minutes available?

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Location? Could be a ton of reasons.


He is from new jersey


Seton Hall also will have a ton of minutes available. Location like CoryR said is probably a huge factor, and he has some history with Seton Hall. Definitely understandable.

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Seton Hall is home and loses Quincy McKnight and Myles Powell. They also featured a small scoring guard to much success this season. Probably a more desirable basketball situation for Aiken to be featured if Michigan ends up with Christopher.


Maybe. But speculation is what we do when we don’t have information. We here are pretty good at it…

I’m from Jersey and I didn’t know Seton Hall was 5 train stops away until years after I graduated HS. Then again Michigan was the first team I followed in college basketball, so I had blinders on.


So, since Aiken isn’t happening… Who’s up next as a grad transfer option?

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Mike Smith- Columbia. I’m sure there are other options not mentioned as well. Amauri Hardy would be another I’d bet Michigan has touched base with. He’s more of a CG than a PG though.