Givony: Juwan Howard will have NBA interest

Givony this morning:

"Despite being in just his second year as Michigan’s head coach, Howard has long been viewed as a leading candidate for NBA head-coaching jobs, dating to his time as an assistant with the Miami Heat. Last summer, he put out a statement saying he is not “exploring, seeking or listening” in regard to NBA opportunities, but many NBA executives feel Howard will be in high demand once again this offseason.

If Howard can overcome a difficult draw to lead Michigan to the Final Four – and likely even if he doesn’t – there’s a good chance the NBA will come calling again, this time with an offer he might not be able to refuse."

brb, have to pick up my eyes that just rolled onto the floor


Time for Warde to pay him market value.


Close to zero chance Howard leaves this early, just look at how quickly he shot things down last year.


When you have the financial security that Juwan does, I’m not sure what would constitute an offer that is too good to refuse. I would think that for the next few years, intangible benefits like coaching your sons would have a bigger impact than any financial offer.


This is Harbaugh stuff all over again. Just have to get used to it happening every summer. Givony’s sources here are just NBA people. Like Schefter’s sources are NFL people.


It’s an ego thing with coaches, 99% of them want to be kid what they think they are worth. Would be smart for warde to get ahead of this and get Howard signed to an increased deal(with a buyout nba teams have to pay), but I have my doubts

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I don’t think I’d call wanting to be paid what you’re worth an ego thing. But I agree Warde should be talking about a raise

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I’m guessing that Juwan Howard isn’t ranked 13th among Big Ten coaches in salary for long.


Yep, this is exactly right. There will be a “Juwan Howard going to the NBA” story every year until he actually goes, irrespective of his intentions. I would guess he’s locked here until Jett is done and then we’ll see.

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Dr. Evil voice: “10 year contract with a buyout of 1 BILLION dollars.”


It is very nice to see that Juwan is in high demand, but I am not too worried about Juwan leaving for NBA, and I am sure that Warde already has something on the table. Juwan has an opportunity to raise this program into a true blue blood, which is his dream that he will not abandon until it becomes real.

In the si article his wife said he loved everything about it(even recruiting). She did say the one thing he didn’t like was media obligations and there’s a lot more of those in the nba.


Ha, it’s pretty noticeable in interviews that he doesn’t enjoy answering questions and talking to the media


Yeah, he seems like a low-flight risk at this point, but it’s tough to say 6-10 years down the line. Sadly, it seems pretty rare for coaches to turn down NBA overtures (Izzo and Wright are the only ones that come to mind).

I agree that he’s probably here another 3 years minimum to see his sons through the program. I sure hope we can have him for longer though. First step is a contract extension. He must be paid, even if he’s plenty rich already. Then you start thinking about ways to make him feel overwhelmingly loved: the right timing for retiring #25, raising up the Fab Five banners, memory-lane nights, etc. City council resolutions to rename streets after a natty.

If anyone is at all doubtful that going overboard in this way isn’t necessary, I will offer free counseling. Step one is to print out this photo and keep it in your wallet:


Another mention in the SI article that speaks to Juwan staying here is:
“But he got frustrated by entitled players who didn’t work hard, who did not value the game as he did.”

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As others have noted, and maybe it will prove to be a false sense of security, but I have no worries Juwan will leave while Jace and ultimately Jett are here. But after that, I absolutely do believe Juwan will make the jump to the NBA at some point. His success at Michigan will allow to be super picky though. He’s not leaving to take over the Timberwolves in their current state, for example. Hopefully by then Juwan will have groomed somebody to take over. Or at least he won’t leave us scrambling for a coach in May like our last search.

Coach K also has turned down the pros, I’m pretty sure.


If juwan leaves for the nba we will likely be scrambling for a coach in may, unfortunately that’s how the timeline lines up.

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