George Mason grad transfer Justin Kier lists Michigan in top seven


Wants to make a decision by next week.


Any thoughts as to how good Michigan’s chances are here?

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Boy does this pursuit have Phil Martelli written all over it. He really had some nice games against St. Joe’s, Phil’s last two seasons there. 1st paragraph of the recap the 2019 game.

PHILADELPHIA – Justin Kier had 18 points, five assists and grabbed a career-high 14 rebounds to lead George Mason to an 85-60 victory over Saint Joseph’s on Thursday night in the Atlantic 10 Conference opener for both teams.


I also wonder how Cole Bajema would view Kier to Michigan!? Think he would consider a red shirt assuming Livers comes back? Interesting.

Not sure if Livers coming back will have any barring on what Cole does? If Cole leaves it means he just does not see himself playing for Coach Howard. Cole has everything in front of him at Michigan for the taking if he wants to work for it.


Kier’s career assist/turnover ratio is encouraging.

I know we’ve debated “up transfers” a lot, but the A10 is probably the one tweener conference … consistently draws multiple bids in the NCAA Tourney but not quite a Power Conference. Makes a successful player in the league more impressive, in my opinion, than similar performers in the MAC or C-USA or MWC.


Just when i thought i was out (of watching clips of potential recruits/transfers), you pull me back in…

Agree it feels like a good fit given our need at guard, have we been mentioned before for him? I’ve seen his name but don’t think i saw any mention of us before. Could be we weren’t really pushing because we didn’t think we’d have a spot, would be nice add, but i also get this sinking feeling that all these 1 year additions are all going to be for naught…


Latest prediction from a moderator on george Mason forum was Michigan. Think he would be fine pick up that could provide depth in needed position. But geez that 2021 class gonna be big.


That’s our one scholarship to give now, right?

Can’t really gauge if he’s a good shooter or not. 38.6% --> 17.4% --> 37.1 --> a small sample of 45.8% are pretty big fluctuations.

I’d like someone who can get to the basket and finish efficiently, or really just to compromise the defense and get looks; I don’t think we have a single guard that can do that. It doesn’t seem like it’s Kier’s strength either.

I like him and hope we get him.

He sort of reminds me of a taller Eli Brooks

When looking at the transfer portal in totality, he’s about as good an option as there was to play the 2 guard. Would be a nice addition to the backcourt depth!

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That is correct.


Based on the highlight video seems like he’s got a pretty consistent stroke but a slow release. I’d be surprised to see him get as many clean looks in the Big 10 as he did in that video – especially if he starts the year out hot (i.e. much closer to the 45% than the 17%).

He looks legit. Obviously a highlight film but he looks like he can create.

Most scouting reports peg him as a “plus” defender capable of playing either guard spot, so if he’s asked to fill a defensive stopper role and be the 3rd or 4th scoring option while he’s on the court… I guess I’m not as concerned if he can create his own open looks in that type of a role.

That’s a fair analysis as far as role expectations. I could see him being a “3 and D” guy in the Big 10 if you will. The issue is that’s largely the role Eli played last season so there’s going to be a lot of learning in 1 season for this backcourt (I guess that’s what happens when you lose a ball dominant guy like Simpson).

As far as his highlight film goes it seems like on-ball creation was something he was asked to do in the A10 for sure.