Game 9: Iowa at Michigan Preview

Another key for me, and something I will be interested in watching, is how Michigan guards Garza on the pick & pop. He is a capable shooter on the perimeter — do they stunt and recover, full rotate, or let him shoot and live with the results?

Yep, had a note in there that Michigan is basically giving away a shot that Garza can make.

You said they don’t run a ton of ball screens though. Maybe they go to that more if we’re leaving Garza open?

+1 for ideal Fran pic



They are not a big ball screen team, that’s correct. Doesn’t mean they won’t run some. Garza has used 8 plays this season as a roll/pop man. Been efficient though (17 points on 8 plays) so maybe they should use it more often.

For comparison, Teske has used 36 (most in the Big Ten).

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What kind of sets / scenarios does Garza take threes from right now? Looks like he only takes about 2 a game, with one of those being a pop?

Has Michigan been in the top 3 in Big Ten ball screen usage every year since 2011 (if that data is available)?

Garza, I believe is the only Power 5 player presently averaging 20 points 10 boards per game.

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If you asked me to draw a picture of Fran from memory, it would 100% be the one on the preview. I feel like he is like that all of the time

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Need a dub tonight badly. Lets get it ladies and gents

Anyone here going? I’m guessing this will be the first good crowd of the year with football effectively over, decent weather, and a Friday evening start time.

It seems like Iowa is always a problem for us and these games go worse than analytics would suggest - I acknowledge that tends to happen more at Carver-Hawkeye but I feel like weird things happen against them, like Teske getting two fouls in the first 90 seconds, is coughing the ball up incessantly, A Hawkeye having their star-making performance, etc.

Beilein era:
Home: 5-3
Away: 4-6
Neutral: 5-0


I was able to get a pair in S 236, row 22 last night on the UM website. Can’t wait!


Cheer hard! I’ll be at the GR Symphony tonight for their Holiday Pops concert! But I have DVR!

Iowa and Illinois were our annual B1G tournament whipping bags


Yeah - that’s probably about what I expected to see, sort of middling results with the exception of some BTT body-bags.

I seem to remember some of our decent early Beilein teams needing heroics to beat like 1 or 2 conference win Hawkeye clubs.

We lost 5 straight games to them from 14-17, most of which were during the dark times Pre-Maverick Morgan and prime Fire Beilein. But the early Beilein teams had some wild games with them, including a a game where Manny Harris got benched (or suspended?).

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