Game 9: Iowa at Michigan Preview

My son,grandson and daughter will be in the same section only row 36.

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Swear in the Darius Morris year we needed two Jordan Morgan FTs at the buzzer to snatch a win over a last place Hawkeye team.


If I had to sum up Beilein vs. Iowa it would be neutral court blowouts (Iowa was always in folding mode in the BTT), home wins and road chaos. Every game there was one of those off the rails types where you go “what on earth is happening?”


Great pic of Fran

Might be a dumb question but does anyone know if you can get the fox sports app to tape it and replay? I know you can get it to stay over if you are watching it live but what about after? Work til eleven so I’m just wondering.

I actually think we match up really well with them and as long as we’re rested and come ready to play I think we win by 11 or 12. Teske should hopefully give Garza issues in particular.

I don’t think they are quick enough on the perimeter to defend our guys but we should be able to get up in their jerseys and make life on the perimeter tough for them. Hopefully we play with confidence and get a nice win to start the big ten versus a squad that suddenly looks like a tourney team.

I’ll be there with my pops in 207 2nd to last row from the top yelling our faces off!


I’ve had a lot of trouble with fox sports replays in the past. They do put up replays on their website/app, but it seems like they’re only up there for a day or two and only for the top games (Michigan Iowa will likely be in the top game category). I don’t think there is anyway to tape it specifically.

Hawkeyes take:

I can’t hear Wieskamp without picturing a summer camp for asthmatic kids.

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Seems like a fair enough take…I LOL’d at the “god help me if Brandon Johns finds his shot tonight”!

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Morgan clutch free throws sent the game to OT…