Game 7: North Carolina at Michigan Open Thread

Not a foul on Livers. I know Teske needs a break but I wouldnt play Davis when Maye is in at the 5.

Just have better attackers and scorers then we’ve faced so far

They are on fire. Refs have blown 2 calls.

Will need to stop the ball on the break

Eli Brooks help defense…Get just close enough to be ineffective on help defense and just far enough from your guy to leave him open for 3.

What a steal Z.

UNC getting some good bounces but also more uncontested shots than we have given up thus far, as you said.

At this pace we’ll need 80 points…

This UNC team is legit

If we get run off the floor like the football team did, I’m calling all my middle school basketball coaches and letting them know that actually defense does not win championships


Feeling a bit pessimistic. UNC dictating pace, hitting shots in the halfcourt, and Michigan getting nothing great in the halfcourt currently.

Don’t think UNC can continue this shooting average. Then again, we could up our defense a little.

Offensive issues come down to Charles having .57 PPP on 40% usage. He has to stop throwing the ball away unforced

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Charles Matthews hadn’t turned the ball over in Michigan’s last four games. He’s turned it over three times already tonight.

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How does z reach in and grab the ball like that? It’s like from a scene of “the matrix”…


Now that’s funny…we gotta make shots to win.

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Iggy Buckets!!!


lmaoooooo completely ereased

Wow, that was a quick turnaround