Game 7: North Carolina at Michigan Open Thread

What are the chances NC hits M with a surprise zone D?

Low IMO… This is big boy basketball… These teams are going to do what they do. This game is important, but both of these coaches are building to something and want to win their way IMO.

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What I wanted to hear. Thank you!

I’ve certainly been wrong before!

Officiating crew for Michigan-UNC: Terry Wymer, DJ Carstensen and Courtney Green. This is the fourth Michigan game that Carstensen has officiated this year .

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Are we taking that as good, bad or neutral?

Carstensen our private ref again.

I just find it strange…

Others aren’t a fan :rofl:

Is this the fourth or fifth game we’ve had him?

I like Carstensen. Would consider him one of the best in the B1G.

Courtney Green is terrible

Fourth game, and I agree on Courtney Green generally.

Wymer usually pretty good also. I see Sparty had TV Teddy last night who has been eliminated to ref conference B1G games this year

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Typical starters posted for both Michigan and UNC.

The most intriguing lineup decisions are probably about the sixth man for both teams. How will both coaches use Isaiah Livers and Nassir Little?

Is the crowd amped?

Iggy Brazdeikis played an out of his mind defensive game against Paschall… Will be interesting to see how he fares against Maye early.

Oof. Maryland with the 2 seconds left game already over foul, they were +4.

Almost an incredible backdoor cover there by Maryland.

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Ugh. I’m trying to be optimistic after Saturday’s debacle but it’s difficult. This would go a long way for the healing process!

A win here would be great for the basketball culture. Make these first time student attendees want come back.

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