Game 7: North Carolina at Michigan Open Thread

Listening to the game on the radio tonight. I plan on watching a replay of the game tomorrow. Feel free to describe things you see in ridiculous detail for me.

Damn they play fast.

Nice to get an early foul on Maye

Three possessions, three easy baskets by UNC

Deadly turnaround

Is this pace going to be too much for Teske?

Is it just me, or do both point Guards seem to carry the ball/palm the ball every time down the floor?

So we’ve missed 3 shots at the basket and Poole has had one rim out from 3? I’m not worried yet.

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Some terrible bounces of the ball so far. Livers dunk, Poole’s shots, that layup for White going in. Defense has picked up after a poor first few possessions, time to settle down and play our game.

We definitely need to settle and play with composure these next 4 mins till the under 12 we can control this game is we try

I wish Charles would take 5-6 turnaround jumpers a game. Wow

I’m confident our defense will settle in eventually. Just hope the offense can keep pace while we wait for that

Hopefully Carolina cannot keep up this shooting pace and conversion rate.

I feel like we’re going to get what we want on offense for the most part. We’ll need some 3s to fall to keep pace.


They’re getting a lot of good rolls so far. White is welcome to try to hit more runners in the lane over Teske and Co., they won’t keep going down.

Livers still hot from 3

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UNC making every shot and we’re playing incredibly sloppy

UNC getting better early shots than Michigan has given up this year though.

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