Game 7: Michigan vs. Gonzaga Recap

This was the most impressive win so far this season! Got a long way to go…but what a start!


After this weekend its pretty clear um has the two of if not the most undervalued players in the country in Teske and Simpson and it has all to do with their offensive games being perceived as “funky”.


Gonzaga perspective:


I thought his rotation subs in the first half was more a product of a long period without a whistle. It seemed like Teske and Simpson sat at the scorer’s table for a good two minutes or so. And without the lead changing too much, it felt like Howard was content with buying some extra minutes with his subs.


Here’s a great quote from that article:

Lumbering giant Jon Teske taught Drew Timme and Filip Petrusev a thing or two about how to be a big man down low, finishing with 19 points, 15 rebounds, four blocks, and approximately 800 altered shots. Neither Timme or Petrusev quite figured out how to get anything going down low.


Wow, does this team look good. What’s really impressive, to me, is how good they look despite being… well, sloppy. Perhaps this is just what things will look like under Juwan, with more fouls and TOs, but it seems like they’re still getting a feel for stuff, and they’re doing it while absolutely trucking top ten teams.

Last year the team started out red-hot, too, before the flaws were exposed. Perhaps there are flaws that we will see later with this team, too. But the team feels really good. In particular, the number of players who can hit 3s and the bench depth seem to be significant upgrades.


I’m really glad that Wagner got the run he did this weekend. His basketball IQ is very high and I was really impressed with his defense. I think he’ll draw the assignment Tuesday against Louisville’s 6’8 Jordan Nwora and I think Franz can do some things to bother him. I’m really looking forward to this game!


Yeah, I noticed that too. I was somewhat expecting him to use a TO, but they got on a run and caused Few to blink first. The “Can Juwan actually coach?” question is quickly getting answered but that was a nice little layer to throw on that as well.


Moe goes on my Mount Rushmore of favorite Michigan players.


I also wondered about that long bench stretch in the first half. It seemed pretty clear by that point that they couldn’t guard us, so I thought that maybe Juwan was slow playing things a bit to ensure that we could be as fresh as possible down the stretch in the second half when it was time to really put the game away. I mean, he had to know that the Zags had a short bench, and would have to expend a ton of energy just to stay in the game. So, why not leave some bench pieces in a bit longer than planned in the first half while we still had the lead? No idea whether that was his thought process, and it would be a bit of a dangerous game, but it kinda made sense to me in today’s circumstances.

Lots of great moments from this week, but I don’t think anything can top Juwan reviving the dance from his Fab Five days. That was gold.


I noticed Johns didn’t get a bullet point but I was very happy with what I saw with him today. He only played 3 minutes but in those 3 minutes he had a steal, forced another turnover with a nice defensive play, and beyond those 2 plays looked good defensively out there. His time will come when he learns to play on offense with a purpose. Still very optimistic.


That’s my bad. He had a terrific stint and was really active defensively including getting on the floor for a loose ball.


Sounds like Michigan actually shot the lights out at Atlantis…

We are in the dark 👇🏼

— Jimmy Dykes (@CoachJimmyDykes) November 29, 2019

Holy hell this team is legit. I’m trying to temper my expectations after witnessing the similar hot start last year, but this could be a much more exciting year than I ever thought. Great article Dylan. You captured the tournament well.


Power has been out for a few hours here. Extremely strange. Only a few places with generator power.

I certainly hope these 3 games on Nat’l TV and the Juan interview after today’s game were seen by Christopher,Dickinson and even Moody who hasn’t signed yet with Arkansas. All 3 have stated they wanted to see what O/D Juwan ran. Well if they were watching they saw. :smiley:


Martelli coming up on cbsports network

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Guessing it’s gonna be tough to hook up with Quinn for an emergency post-tournament podcast then :joy:


Only snuck away to watch the game just now, and to absorb what this team has done in three days! I have had a decade of pleasure and pride watching John Beilein’s teams acquit themselves and win, going on extended runs in the NCAAs, overcoming a plane crash, and playing beautiful basketball while coming within inches of an NC. And yet–just a few games into Juwan’s career–I have to say that that post-game interview and dance sequence is right there with any of the pleasures of that decade-plus period. OMG are we lucky people.