Game 6: Chattanooga at Michigan Open Thread

Austin Davis is dressed and participating in warmups today. He missed Michigan’s last two games with an ankle sprain.

Will be interesting to see how the rotation plays out vs. Chattanooga. Michigan’s small lineup with Isaiah Livers has flourished since Davis injury vs. Nova.

I still think Livers needs to play as much as possible and if it means at the 5 so be it. We will need him on the floor against NC.

Today’s officiating crew for Michigan-Chattanooga: Steve McJunkins,Chris Beavers and Edwin Young.

Dylan; Must be just you and me so far.

Haha! Slow day, but a decent crowd in here for a holiday guarantee game.

That’s good with the students out for a few days. I hope it’s packed for NC.

Didn’t want to be the third wheel.


Hiya peeps

I figured there’d be a decent crowd if everyone is like me and finding it difficult to pass the time waiting for Ohio State.

First two possessions of the game show what Iggy is and isn’t… Misses open corner three and then drives, puts a guy on his back and finishes in traffic.

Turnaround is deadly for Charles

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He’s been really comfortable with that shot, almost impossible to guard.

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Whew! Could have been an injury there.

Them some short panties!

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I’ super impressed with how Livers has improved his 3 point shot.

Livers looking very comfortable on his jumper this year.

If that’s not “and 1” for Teske it’s one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

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That was a very quick catch and shoot by Teske. Surprised that he could make that play.

Looks like another low major crew.