Game 6: Chattanooga at Michigan Open Thread

Teams need to force him off his spot on that shuffle series cut for sure. This will likely be a go-to look when we need to get Matthews going.

Davis and Eli checking in… Early foul on Iggy probably made the small lineup less likely early.

I like how this Michigan team actually feeds the low post.

Davis looks healthy on both ends.

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Poole and Livers finally finding their comfort zones?

Poole missed Davis

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Very good minutes from Davis.

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Livers 9 for last 11 from deep. Is he the most improved player in B1G?

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Smallwood coming up big

Livers is so versatile. Can switch everything defensively, is a knock down three shooter, and can even catch an outlet pass and lead the break. Can’t quite remember anyone like him under Beilein, at least not someone coming off the bench

Teske continuing to look nimble.

Carolina is down 9 against UCLA late in the first half. Another sub par performance from them heading into Michigan next week.

That score surprises me.

Small lineup at 31-14.

Yep – for Teske’s 2nd stretch on the bench.

I’ll take that three ball form all day Iggy

If Iggy ever adds the ability to kick out off a drive…