Game 5: Michigan vs. Providence Open Thread

Sorry… original post had the comments messed up. Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Hoping Nova can recover by year end and make the tournament…they might not be a top 50 team. Over hyped IMO!

I think they’ll still settle in as one of the better teams in the Big East.

I thought we went back to the old format for a minute.

That was my bad! Not sure why it published like that.

That would be good to see…their Freshman are not having an impact. Quinerly 5 star didn’t get off the bench yesterday. Time will tell. They will probably fall outside the 25 tomorrow.

Officiating crew for Michigan/Providence: DJ Carstensen, Rob Riley and Bo Boroski.

Bo tossed Danny Hurley in the 2K Classic finals.

Carstensen must be our private Ref this year. At least he knows how we play D. Didn’t Boroski ref in the Villanova game?

Definitely more Providence fans in attendance here at Mohegan Sun Arena. Little bit of energy in the building.

Iggy and one again.

Good stuff so far. We seem to be able to get what we want and Providence isn’t in a zone.

Looked like Matthews got clearly hit on the arm on that shot.

Feels like he is forcing it early on

Seems like the gameplan is different with Matthews today. A lot more pick and roll sets as opposed to midpost isos

JP with a missed layup and already 2 missed FTs for the team.

Anyone see the issue with teskes turnaround hook?

The issue for me is Teske taking a turnaround hook. I’d love to see a ppp breakdown of Teske’s possessions from various areas.

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man, if Teske can just burying the occasional 3. The pop is so open and his stroke looks good

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