Game 5: Michigan vs. Iowa State Preview

Im sorry if this is over kill but, what are your presumptions about Franz playing tomorrow??

IMO 100% yes but I’m biased. GO BLUE!

Do we have any sense of Haliburton’s shooting numbers in off-the-dribble vs. catch-and-shoot situations? Perhaps his increased ball-handling this year explains the drop-off in shooting percentages. Seems like Michigan should make him prove he can shoot it before they change out of drop coverage.

Dylan if you had to guess (and assuming we still start Simpson-Brooks-Nunez), how do you see the matchups going for our 3 guards against their 3 guards… do you think Simpson will get first crack at Haliburton?

I’m good with either Simpson or Eli on Haliburton. Both will be giving up plenty of height but should be fine as long as they stay in front of him.

If Nunez gets switched onto Haliburton… Yikes


It’s kind of the same idea people have had with Simpson in the past. I don’t think the “leave him alone and let him shoot open threes” is the right approach in this scenario, but the drop coverage might work great especially if it forces Haliburton into long twos when he hasn’t really shown them as part of his game.

Will this game be on Sirius Xm? I’m going to be in a car tomorrow.

And all this time I thought you had a TV and a driver in that car! :wink:

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Iowa st is a solid team but if we play a good game we will win. They have the talent to beat Michigan If Michigan plays poorly but I don’t think they can beat us if we play close to our ceiling or even a B effort.

Hopefully we show up because if we don’t they definitely will win.

I’ve never heard of Bad Boy Mowers but I’m hoping somehow Isiah, Lambs, Mahorn, etc. are involved with them.:grinning:

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Michigan’s Zavier Simpson was headed to Iowa State until a ‘situation happened’

If Nuñez isn’t hitting threes, he probably won’t get much run in this game.


still puzzled why Prohm was never in contention for M coaching search

My hopes that “the light will go on” for the young man are fading a bit, but you just never know with college players. Great shooting stroke, just ain’t finding the bottom of the net.

Sounds like Franz is a game-time decision. Excited to get him integrated into the rotation.

No dunking for a month. Layups only.

Crap… is he calling the game?


Would make sense since the Bilas crew and the Walton crew are in Maui.