Here at Big Ten Media Day today

Jim Delany speaking now… Juwan Howard on the podium at 10:50 am eastern.

Will post some updates here throughout the day and obviously have more later.

Zavier Simpson one of 10 players on the All Big Ten team.

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I hope this isn’t also a down year for the B1G’s media day bagels/fruit/muffins spread.


A lot of questions about the Fair Pay to Play act in California… Delany came out strongly against it with the (ridiculous) take that he can’t see the difference between paying players directly and a NIL bill.

Richard Pitino is one of the first guys that I’ve heard who came out and said he’d be for it.


Fred Hoiberg says Nebraska is undersized but will play fast. Four of Hoiberg’s five teams at Iowa State finished in the top 35 nationally in adjusted tempo. Fastest Big Ten team last year (Illinois) was ranked 52nd.

Tell that to Nimari, who seems to have a check mark against the conference vs the SEC for pace of play :slight_smile:

Well, the point was that the Big Ten is incredibly slow outside of potentially Nebraska and Illinois now. Will be interesting to see where U-M ends up in tempo too.

Sounds like there’s a chance Jordan Bohannon plays this year… McCaffery said there was almost no chance 7 or 8 weeks ago but he’s progressing.

Juwan Howard coming up next at Big Ten Media Day. Tune into BTN if you want to watch his press conference.


No sugarcoat.

Zavier rocks. He just does.


Really good conversation with Juwan during the round table today. Will have a video of part and then some coverage to follow. Most insight I think yet into Juwan and how he looks at this role.


Looking forward to it!

This is hilarious. :joy:


Not sure why, but seeing all the videos of Juwan today made it a lot more real that Michigan is going from John Beilein, head coach for 36 years with 12 at Michigan, to a guy who has never led a team before.

That’s good re: Johns, because I was feeling a little bit dismayed at Juwan saying ‘once he learns the offense,’ given that that’s what we’d hoped last year was for. But they ARE starting over to a good extent.

RE: Pitino being for paying players. . . he’s got extensive experience with it.


:eyes: excited

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In case you needed more confirmation on just how big teske is, he dwarfs Juwan


I don’t really have a frame of reference without Beilein in the photo.