Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Preview



Yes slowing down Winston is key, but I thought Michigan was too focused on him in the first meeting to the point that they allowed other MSU players to get easy baskets. You can’t forget that he’s a lethal passer, and I would be more focused on trying to limit his assists than his points. Michigan can win even if Winston scores 30. They can’t survive with McQuaid/Goins/Tillman going for 43(!) like they did in the first game.


When I say stop Winston, I don’t necessarily mean his scoring. I mean frustrating him with ball screen defense so that he can’t create those easy baskets that you are talking about.


If Michigan wins this game and somehow wins the big ten tourney, a number one seed should be Michigan’s. It probably won’t be but it should be.

The number of top 25 victories this year has been absurd.


I am still annoyed that Gonzaga was annointed a 1 seed for one winning one game in November and then playing chumps since.


Spot on analysis!


Michigan will win this game.



I second that.


This game is where JB should shine on preparation and adjustments. We’ve had almost a week to game plan. Let’s sic ‘em now and WIN.


Will today’s presser be posted?


Sorry, we had a scheduling issue and weren’t able to make it. Here’s Beilein.


I’d like to see 4-5 minutes a half from DeJulius and have him pick up Winston full court. Keep X fresh and put pressure on Winston.


Ok, there you have it! JB, regrading Teske, “step back three’s, that’s our plan”!


:rofl: There’s certainly been a more sarcastic side of Beilein these last few years.


Yeah. That was his way of saying he isn’t saying the plan lol.


And have Winston torch DDJ for 8-10 minutes? We were outscored by 7 at Maryland when Simpson was on the bench. I’d hate to see the carnage against MSU. No thanks.


I’ll just say that attributing team +/- to a single player and then drawing conclusions on that from a three minute sample is pretty dicey.

That said, while I think DeJulius is not as destructive as that cherry-picking suggests, I’m not clear on why there is a perception that he defends on a level to dog the league’s best player full-court.

To my eye our biggest problem - especially without Matthews who can sort of find his own shots - is that we cant really play offense without X.


Can’t tell if you’re referencing me, but that’s not what I did at all. The fact that DDJ has barely played at all is a pretty good indicator that he’s not going to magically come in and harass Winston. In fact, why wouldn’t we expect the Big Ten POY to light up a seldom-used backup?


Agreed, no time to play around with player number 2. Z can play the whole game or take a break when CW is on the bench. We should have a few extra TV timeouts tonight. Every possession will be crucial to get the win…gotta make the three’s!