Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Preview


A few extra TV timeouts? I could be wrong but the TV timeouts are the same for every televised game. I think they’re longer during the NCAA tourney though, at least per Beilein.


I could be wrong, perhaps they are just longer. These games are Prime Time show case games for ESPN. Big rating games sell bigger advertising dollars. Not sure on the volume of minutes sold…we’ll see!


Good call out KT…I found this.


The fact that the game is scheduled for 120 minutes on tv and not 150 suggests we are on our normal timeout regimen


Yeah. I thnk the tv timeouts are a little longer for Fox/CBS games. Not on ESPN primetime games though.


“5. The first timeout requested (charged) by either team in the second half (regardless of the time on the clock) shall become
the length of a timeout called for under the electronic media timeout.”

I never knew about this rule and this probably explains what is happening when I get confused about an extra media timeout appearing out of nowhere.


Completely random: Anyone know the rationale of women playing quarters while men play halves? In practice the quarter break takes the place of a TV timeout but it’s still weird.


It’s more weird that the men play halves. Men’s CBB is the only level of basketball that plays halves.


Yeah, I think quarters would be the better system. I believe they tested that in the NIT last year.


Yeah obviously. I sort of like halves just because you get two fewer wasted 3/4 court hurls to beat the clock a game and more basketball.

It’s just weird that in many ways they’ve changed rules for men and women in tandem (like shortening the shot clock recently), but still have that idiosyncracy.


We shall see. Actually we probably won’t see, because most likely DeJulius will barely play. Carnage may be a bit strong.
I’ve seen other teams: Purdue, Illinois, Indiana successfully try to wear Winston out. I think the idea is sound. You say DeJulius isn’t up for the challenge; I’m not so sure. Basketball is hard to fathom sometimes.


Spartans favored by 3.5. O/U is 136.5. What say you?


I don’t think the rationale is that you have to steal the ball from him or play him so tight, but cut down on the amount of time the opponent has to operate at the other end of the floor, and tire him. Since the conversation here has been about how we may not want to use an already-taxed Simpson for this, maybe there could be an argument for having DDJ do that, dunno, a way to make up for Simpson’s absence.


I think the way we tore Cash out is make him run through ball screens as a defender all day.


I really think, if Matthews plays, we will see our key six players for as many minutes as possible. Obviously foul trouble is a factor, but I could see Simpson at 37-38 minutes today, and Teske closer to 35. Let’s be real, both teams are going all in for this one, so the bench will be short for both teams. Hopefully the week off has let the legs refresh… Go Blue!


I like the 20-minute halves. I don’t know why, just like that there’s variety.


Same. It would bother me if they switched to quarters. I hope they never do. I don’t know why I care so much.


For some reason I thought that college ball was played in quarters previously, but that was only for two seasons in the 50s. Naismith’s initial rules decreed halves. Still, I wonder what a coach like John Beilein could do with two additional opportunities to configure team strategy.


Any early word on Charles?