Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


Good rhythm. That’s what counts.


Z missed so many point blank lay ins and just didn’t have it offensively.

Lack of rebounding, some poorly timed calls, and the team just making horrific offensive decisions and overall movement killed us.

The plus side is our young guys are coming on and Eli showed life. I’m just wondering if it’s too late. I wish they had all started contributing ten games ago so I could feel better about their reliability late in the year. We could go on to win the tourney and get them more experience and still be peaking at the right time.

I’m not down yet on our chances. I firmly believe a deep run is still realistic.


We lost, big time. Fuck.
We’ll be back come tourney time.
Finished a bottle.


Jordan needs D now
Beilein’s 2-foul rule sucks corn
Green can’t beat IU


I know it’s his rule but when the head went down to six I wish he had risked putting livers back in.

Honestly when we went into halftime I had a bad feeling. When Loyer was out there we had a chance to push that lead out big time and made some real bad offensive decisions instead.


We had a chance to put our heel down on MSU’s throat when we were up 12. I understand my knowledge of the game is a pittance to Beilein’s. I get it one thousand times over, but that damned rule smoked us tonight. May not have ultimately decided it, but it did NOT help.


I bitched at halftime, but playing weird lineups and being content with a six point lead when Loyer came in was a killer.

First half minutes count too - instead we had guys free to play down 12 at the end.


A classic Jim Delany performance as he nears the end of a brilliant career. Like Brady winning a 6th Bowl as he prepares to dismount the best career in NFL history. Congrats to Jim and Tom. Two greats going out on top.