Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


Yup, Izzo won both games. First with a legit great coaching job, this one by working the refs.


epic (+gratuitous characters)


Winston’s two games against Michigan this year: 25 PPG, 14-30 FG, 7.5 APG


We did defend him better this time, though the home cooking hides that fact.


I agree, but I thought he ate Simpson alive for the decisive stretch of the game in the 2nd half without many whistles.


You mean as far as editorial standing? Sorry; had a few beers with the conjunction “And”. I’m a believer in serial commas. Also, it’s the style I implement at my job.


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Do we really need Simpson taking 28 shots in two games vs State?

Including 2-11 from three.


Enough about Winston though. It’s not clear to me that Iggy wasn’t the best player in this game.

Iggy: 20 points on 7-12 shooting in 22 minutes. Got to the line 4 times.

Wintson: 23 on 7-17 shooting in 31 minutes. Got to the line 9 times.


If he leads the team in shots it’s a recipe for disaster in my opinion. I’d be curious to see if the stats back that up…but that’s just a gut feeling


Agreed. MSU dictated who would shoot for M. Full marks for that.


Iggy played like a grown man today despite some absolutely brutal calls against him. Next year they won’t call those on him.


Well the 7 assists to 0 impacted the game too. Imagine if Winston had 3 future NBA wings to pass to


Heh. Just boosting myself up out loud. As a fan, I haven’t been “let down” this much in a while, and was airing out. Off the soapbox. Taking the train Thursday to Chicago with nothing but hope and gratitude for a good season.


Kenny Goins had 16 rebounds and 3 triples.

Michigan’s team had 18 rebounds total.


Sure. Winston’s friggin great. No doubt about it. But he needed 11 more minutes and five more FTs. There’s a solid argument that Iggy was the best player on the court. He really grew over the course of conference play. MSU wouldn’t have won if he were allowed to compete like Winston was.


7 assists but 5 turnovers - not really great. 7 for 17 from the floor, 1 of 6 from three. 8 of 9 from the line, though. Z with no FTs, though he drove about as often.


I would bet they do. Sagging off X is a viable strategy. His rim game was horrific today. His sub-par shooting negates his elite quickness.


Even with that early build, there were some warning signs. MSU’s threes were falling, a few late switches. A real tough loss all around.


Izzo said they wouldn’t have a banner ready for the game if they won. They had a banner ready. Dang.