Game 3: Michigan at Villanova Preview



Villanova has a lot of pieces to work with, but I’m interested to see how Zavier fares when defending Booth tonight.

Could be a key to any potential success.



Rothstein is a joke btw. Palpable buzz for anyone and everyone over time.


Hoping for a win, fearing a 15-20 point loss, expecting a 8-10 point loss


I’m more curious on a few factors other than result. Obviously a win is beautiful but you can take positives from a close loss. A blowout you shrug your shoulders too after UNC last year.

I’m more curious:
How is their poise? Specifically Iggy as a Frosh. It’s going to be crazy the first few minutes in there.

Does Poole put together some nice usage stretches in this game, even if the shots don’t fall?

Already touched on by Dylan but very anxious to see how the small ball lineup goes. Good test for Livers tonight.


Seems like an all-upside game to me. A loss @Nova isn’t going to be a problem, while a win would look outstanding. And guys could either step up their game or realize they have to. These are games you want to play…



I have never had a high expectation of winning this game, and any expectation I had had dwindled somewhat in the past few weeks - I hope we just hang in and find the basket more than we have.




So what are we thinking tonight everyone? Not really sure what to expect.

The vintage performance in these games used to be Michigan gets into an early shoot out and then can’t keep up (at UCLA, at UNC, etc.) but this feels like more of a grinder to me early on.


I’m thinking the defense prevents a blowout and the offense will figure it out later in the season, but not by this game or the UNC game. I also expect a ton of hot takes.

We have kinda an awful track record in these early season away games recently. At UNC and UCLA ended up being blowouts like you mentioned and at Arizona, South Carolina, and SMU were blowouts the whole way. Even before 2015 we lost close ones at Iowa State and Duke in '14 and Virginia in '12. During that time period the only notable early road victory was at kenpom #74 NC State in 2016. Recent history is not on our side.


Booth is just 4-12 from three in the two early cupcake wins. Also 14-29 overall.

Interested to see if Simpson’s D is a factor tonight like a lot of people are expecting. Can’t let Booth get going early IMO. He’s the catalyst and a volume shooter.


Michigan keeps it somewhat close at half with a low score. Villanova goes on a hot shooting streak at some point to pull away and get to a near 20 point margin. Michigan in the later stages of the game doesn’t give up and ends up losing the game by 8-13 points.


Jordan Poole breakout game!!!

In all seriousness I think there’s a better chance than most are giving us. I think the game stays in the 60s for both teams


I think I’m the opposite of everyone’s feelings. The new renovated arena and a HOT ticket - I’m more worried they fall behind early with that place rocking.

I think they fall behind early by 8-10 points. (Like first 10 minutes) Their defense will force a cold stretch from Nova to bring them back into it at some point and cut the lead to 2-4. I see them playing down 6-8 points for most of the night. I don’t THINK they get blown out and I wouldn’t doubt if they quiet the crowd by tying it/taking a lead later in the second half.


I think M will acquit themselves well on the road tonight. I don’t see Matthews, Simpson, Teske, Poole, Livers and company being overwhelmed by the moment. Big game tested. Road tested. I’m hopeful for a win. This should be a great game


Defense travels, and I don’t think defense is a phantom. Just depends, much like the tournament last year, if they can get the offense to start going. Unfortunately I think as long as Zavier Simpson is your starting PG this is going to be the scenario. He had it working through the B1G Tourney, but it’s been gone since. If you see him attacking the basket and scoring early I think that’s a good sign.


Villanova wins in “break-one’s-heart-dammit-UofM-was-close” fashion (<4 points). I base this off of absolutely nothing.