Game 3: Michigan at Villanova Open Thread

Paschall could have 3 right now.

Pretty sure there is a cushion so if a timeout is called in X amount of time before the would be 16 or 12 that it is observed as a TV timeout.

Is that new?

Matthews dogging Booth. I like that call

zavier forced that lay up, no numbers either

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But our transition D coming back was amazing

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Every shot contested and our offense is much better against M2M…i hope we don’t see any zone.

JP needs to hunt his shot everything else good. Z needed help from someone on that break though.

Michigan’s defense is about as advertised… Picked up some opportunistic buckets early, will have to see if they can maintain on O. Eerily similar to the national title game in many ways.

My man Eli with the 3.


NOW Michigan goes small… jumped the gun earlier. Livers hits a three in transition.

Transition threes

Holy hell what a start. These guys were ready and I am SHOCKED

Love the early transition game.

Our team is so athletic with Livers growing into his body…we are a tough match up"

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Eli Brooks is a revelation, sophomore leap perhaps?

Great rebound by Iggy

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I would be fine if Simpson never took that shot again…


Simpson loves man-man