Game 3: Michigan at Villanova Open Thread

No surprises in the posted starting lineups tonight:

Simpson, Poole, Matthews, Brazdeikis, Teske
Gillespie, Booth, Cremo, Paschall, Cosby-Roundtree

Just a couple years ago we were wondering where the defense was and now the coin has flipped to the offense. I hope tonight the shooting offense breaks out starting with JP. Go Blue!

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Nova starts 3 seniors and two sophs tonite

Cremo is a grad transfer, which seems different than a senior who’s been in the program a while.

65-63 Michigan! Let’s GO!!!

Do you think Simpson gets booth?

I would think so.

Booth is the key for me tonite. See if Simpson can slow him down when he’s on him.

I’m seeing JP getting more involved tonight. He’s bound to get a breakout game, and this might be it.
But as you all said, Z is probably key tonight.

Few words exchanged between teams before the National Anthem … Zavier Simpson naturally in the middle of it.


Devin Bush would know how to handle this


Jermaine Samuels Jr. actually in the starting lineup for Villanova. Cremo coming off the bench.

Can basketball have a “revenge tour” after this game? Like do we have to win at Nebraska or something?

UNC should count in two weeks!

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Good point! F it. REVENGE TOUR!

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Sure seems like it. It’s time to rub out their center court logo with our sneakers.

Villanova has an in-house DJ which is in an interesting touch…

I feel like this Michigan team, like last year’s, will play better with a chip on their shoulder.

That may have been the best look of Teske’s career.