Game 3: Michigan at Villanova Open Thread

Matthews on Booth. X on Gillespie.

Tenacious D.

Bigger and tougher to shoot over

Nice Iggy…

Villanova calls timeout after Michigan opens the game on an 8-2 run.

I’ll take that start!


Wow what a start! I was WAY off thinking they’d start slow

WOW! How about that.

Like the defensive effort so far and the ball movement on offense. That combo wins a lot of games.

Sweet start let’s keep up the pressure. Teske playing well to start and everyone making the extra pass! Ball isn’t sticking!

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Seems like Villanova is the one that is a little nervous.

Iggy defense looking great too

Good movement on offense… think they are happy to face man-to-man? Great crash by Iggy from the wing on that putback also love him drawing a charge on Pascall. Not afraid to talk either, is he?

Michigan’s scoring has come at the rim: putback dunk, transition layup, two cutting buckets.

He has the tools to be good defender

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Nice to see him not backing down in the post and using his strength

I couldn’t believe how high Iggy got on that put back dunk.

Is there super weird motion blurring going on for anyone else?

If Charles can hit that fade away with regularity we are going to be tough to beat

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don’t often see Simpson get beat off the dribble like that.

Did they change how TV timeouts work?