Game 29: Nebraska at Michigan Open Thread

I’ve got a good feeling we’re going to roll them for a 15-20 point win. I’m usually pretty nervous, so this is a nice feeling.

Play like your shorts are on fire and win this one for Charles!

Does anyone know if they’re doing anything for Matthews pre-game?

The plan is to honor Matthews before the game, yes.

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Sure hope CM is a go tonight.

That was going to be my question, as to whether Charles was out on the floor for the early warmups. I decided to just leave it alone and wait 'til tipoff. Hope he can play!

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Who will be the outlier and step up in CM’s absence?

1 more year Charles! Lol but for real, it hurts to see him in that boot…hopefully he is back for the big ten tourney

Johns maybe being able to play in the natural 4 spot today would be fun to see.

Isaiah Livers will replace Charles Matthews in Michigan’s starting lineup.

Tricky part for Michigan is that Livers is the primary backup at the 3, 4 and 5.


Brooks is going to have to give positive minutes tonight. A great opp to get on track.

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Thank goodness we’re playing Nebraska tonight. I think.

Meanwhile a member of the Burkhardt kin from our student section was just honored on screen.

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Ok, so next year’s starting lineup is on the floor to start tonight. No big deal.


Jalen Wilson would like a word with you

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Exactly what I was afraid would happen after seeing the injury again and listening to Coach B.

So, this is big.

  1. This game might be a struggle. The leadup to the postseason might look bad.

  2. An injury that bothers him enough to hobble him all week and keep him out of this game isn’t one of those 10-minute ankle tweaks. This means that we were playing without 100% Charles Matthews for, essentially, almost the entire game against State. There are still concerns about how the game went, but that may well have affected Michigan’s ability to adjust (why didn’t they switch Matthews on to Winston? Maybe that’s why) and Matthews certainly was missing for the offense.

  3. No choice but to see some of the kids get extended minutes now. Might as well be against Nebraska.