Game 29: Nebraska at Michigan Open Thread

Yep, really weakens our already very thin depth. Certainly will give others an opportunity to step up. We’ll see…

Definitely had an impact on who he guarded IMO. If he was healthy he would have at least seen more time on McQuaid (where he started) and probably some on Winston rather than sitting in the corner on Ahrens.


Who gets Palmer tonight? Might see some light defense early to avoid

Comcast is working, can’t see the game, :angry:

Walking boot, doesn’t that mean its serious ?

Eh, I think in any ankle sprain they put the foot in a boot for recovery.

Like seeing Teske going for the dunk there.

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Whats going on with Zavier’s hands lately?

So before the first media timeout, Livers has hit an off the dribble contested three and attacked a pick and pop as a ball handler and assisted on a wide open three to Teske.

They didn’t look pretty, but the results were beautiful


Dan Dakich takes the fun out of the game.

Poole jumps at the pump fake. Defensive breakdown and Teske’s first foul. Ugh


Poole defense…come on. That was bad.

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Not an ideal defensive stance there. I wish we wouldn’t bite at so many pump fakes

Yea, that’s on jp

Poole d is becoming a big problem

Nice start for Teske not counting the foul.


A cheapie on Teske.

Is the o/u on how many times Teske falls down a game static at 3?

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