Game 29: Michigan at Ohio State Open Thread

Michigan at Ohio State referee crew: Terry Wymer, Rob Riley and Paul Szelc.

Wymer and Szelc were both on the crew that did the first game as well.

How can they let those two ref the rematch after the way the first game went. I suppose they will call touch fouls galore this time.

Good god no.

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Oh god, why is Wymer doing this game

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I liked that it was allowed to be physical, but it got to the point where it was too physical that it turned into a wreslting match. Lots of blantant stuff that you have to eventually call.


The decision to assign those 2 to this game appears… Predictable. And Ludicrous.

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Looks like Juwan can play the “A” lineup today.:grinning:

UM should follow the lead from MSU, play aggressive and hard in a hostile environment. Winning against a top ranked team on their home court can be done. I know UM doesn’t need this win to make the tourney, but they need to erase the frustrating home losses they have had.


I know Wymer isn’t our favorite but I think it was Carstensen who made the controversial F1 call in the first game…? Or maybe he’s just the one who gave the eyeroll-inducing explanation to the announcing crew.

It was Wymer who initiated the review.

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Ha, so much for that!

Dylan - I’m sure you have this in your available data and can quickly get me an answer. How do players normally shoot their first game wearing a mask? I’d expect it to be much worse than their normal percentage.

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LOL. No idea.


Looks like Eli’s alter-ego! What a great story it’d be if he balls out wearing that thing (even more so than he already was)! :joy:


That black mask is awesome! Kudos to Brooks for going with black - a throwback to Fab 5?

Eli is already a better Batman than Ben Affleck.