Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Recap

While I do think Davison’s reputation has rightfully caught up to him, I don’t think that play was a charge. He didn’t square up (he fell sideways), and Poole did a nice job to not extend his arm.

Video here:

It’s one thing when the offensive player is out of control or drives directly into the defender, but Davison tries to jump into the path of the ball handler and force the refs to make a call. The offensive player should get the benefit of the doubt in those situations or else every game would be a disgusting flop fest.

Anyway, that was a great way to start the weekend. Long live John Teske!


If I never hear a jimmy Jackson again it will be too soon. STOP with the Ohio and Ohio State references followed by pointing out that he’s referencing Ohio or Ohio State, followed by a fake laugh from Gus Johnson.

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Davidson got screwed on the Poole call, but I imagine officials are hesitant to be the next victim of a Davidson flop. Live and die by the flop.

I had to hit the mute button. It felt like I was listening to the Jimmy Jackson show. He must have it in his contract that he gets a certain amount of “me” time.

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Charles Matthews was phenomenal in the second half. He looked like NCAA Tourney Charles.

Jon Teske was great. Loved hearing Beilein say they have been working on Teske’s footwork and balance on the offensive end. If today was any indication, it is one of those end of season improvements that take team to another level.

I believe I read Coach Beilein’s lips to say “shoot the fucking ball” on a Jordan Poole drive and pass.

Eli Brooks please don’t become Tum Tum; moving your feet very fast on the offensive end but never accomplish anything.

0/10 threes after halftime and win by 9…Nice

14/19 from two after halftime, spearheaded by Teske and Matthews, was a great sight to behold. That’ll open up the three point looks.

I see your point but I mentioned this before this Game a few days ago. For us to get back to being a top 4 team and imo the best team in the country for the first ten or twelve games they are going to need livers to become a bigger contributor.

Iggy is the man and essential but on games like today you gotta put livers in. If iggy is just not feeling it I’d prefer to let livers come in for his superior d. I really think livers could be a really good scorer. I’d love to see him hunting his shot/ looking to drive more.


I was surprised Livers only totaled 16 minutes today. His conference average is 20 per game, which feels about right or even a little low to me. Iggy played 32, Charles 36, and Poole 38 today. I’m usually a fan of JB’s tight rotation but I’d like to see Livers get more like 24-28 a game, especially when a few of the wings are struggling offensively the way Iggy did all game and Charles did in the first half.


@buckets12: Didn’t you say JB should think about benching Matthews in the second half? :wink:

Livers only played like 4 minutes at center which explains his overall low total. When he gets to 20 he usually sees more time at the five.

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Haha touchè. Just wanted to see more Livers - in my halftime post calling for him to play more in the 2nd, I listed both Iggy and Matthews as struggling. Obviously it’s great CM got going and saved the day. But the team also went 0-10 from three in the second half and Livers had a hot hand in the first (and is the best shooter from three on the season). I think that’s a skill the team needs on the court when the offense is struggling.

Good point on the minutes at center.

At the game I said, “Thank you officials, for not falling for the Davidson flop!” Admittedly I didn’t have a very good view. I’ll have to watch it on replay!

Some random thoughts:
This was the second game in a row that we seemed super dialed in. Hope that means that we have emerged from our funk.
I think we are undefeated this year when Livers makes a dunk. I noticed that he used both hands today as some UMHoopers had suggested.
Playing against two bigs seems to be giving Iggy problems. I wonder what Beilein’s counter to that will be going forward.
Matthews can dominate a game at either end of the court and sometimes both.
Do the three best defensive players in the Big Ten all play for Michigan? (And the best 6th man?)


I know Iggy’s shot wasn’t falling, but I was surprised we didn’t see very much 1-4 pick and pop action considering it worked so well against Rutgers’ two big lineup. Maybe Wisconsin’s defense does something to stop that.

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This is Michigan’s three point shooting since the 2nd session of Big Ten games started (earlier at the top).
Only one single truly great shooting game. Massive credit to the defense that we’re 9-2 in those games.


Wow. Uh, of the starters, Iggy played the fewest minutes… with 32. Z played 40 minutes.

You need to do that in a must-win. But this can’t be sustainable. With Brooks clearly unable to function on offense, and Johns just playing spot minutes to rest the bigs, we’re basically down to a 6-man rotation in key games. That is incredibly vulnerable to both fatigue and fouls.

On the plus side, the #6 guy, Livers, looks like he’s right on the cusp of really putting things together. I love the way he attacks the basket on those few times that he tries it, and his two big bricked dunks in the last couple of weeks may presage better scoring in the near future.

Or the far future; Livers might not truly realize the potential he’s flashing until next season, but that could be a big deal. I’d love to see him turn the corner in the postseason, though.

Somewhere, though, we need at least a seventh man to show up. Z seems like he never wears down, but I’d rather not find out that we’re wrong in late March. We saw last postseason that the miles do add up eventually.


Totally agree. Happ was guarding Iggy presumably so he wouldn’t have to defend the pick and roll. Why not put him back in it with the 1-4 pick and pop?

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Will the real Professor please stand up. For me it’s Mary Ann’s Professor


I think they would have just switched that 1-4 action. Happ is surprisingly quick laterally and is a great defender. Not sure he’s the one to attack.


The Poole/Davison play was not a charge – at least, it’s not called that way 99.9% of the time. The idea that Davison’s rep “caught up with him” seems incorrect to me. If that’s two guys you never heard of, you just assume it’s a block.

I probably would like Davison if he were on Michigan, though, except for the nut-grabbing and tripping. Zak Novak didn’t do that.

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Fair point, but I think Michigan has a big advantage if Happ is on Z. Plus that seems like a good way to pick up fouls on him.

Thanks for that link. Watching it again (a few times), I could understand the official thinking that Davison didn’t establish legal guarding position prior to Poole putting the ball on the floor, or at any point during the drive.