Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Recap

Michigan outscored the Badgers by 17 points in the 34 minutes [Teske] was on the floor.



I’m not sure he’s had a negative +/- all year. I still think Z is the indispensable man on this team, but Teske has been pure, unadulterated awesome too. Oh, and they’re our 4th and 5th leading scorers.

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A few things that stood out to me…

  • a nice late game sub by Beilein to get Iggy off the floor in favour of Livers, after Iggy looked confused on 2 straight defensive possessions.

  • I was very impressed that Wisky was able to hang around while Happ was on the bench in the 2nd half. Other guys made shots, and I wasn’t sure that they had that in them.

  • Davison’s rep may be catching up with him, as I thought his defence on the Poole drive that led to the block call was solid. I’d love to hear the official’s justification for that call, as I think Davison did everything right.

  • best part of the day may be that we only have one FOX game left on the schedule. I’m sure that Charlie and The Professor would agree.


Yeah, noted that in the part about the defense. It was not a good game by Iggy on either end.

The studio guys were calling him Charlie Matthews afterward :rofl:

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I’m not sure who is more indispensable between X and Teske, but we would be in serious trouble without either one. The growth of both from Freshmen to Juniors has been incredible.

I can’t believe how good Teske has become. I thought he would max out as a 25 min player per game but his ability to play big minutes at a high level has been huge. X is so good defensively and even though he can’t shoot from the outside with any consistency, he makes the whole team go. He controls the game from the point and is a great leader.


His stamina is ridiculous. I made a big point in the offseason that I’d be shocked if he could play more than 25 mins. I was very wrong.


@umhoops not sure if it was on purpose, but there’s no box score at the bottom of the recap.

4 left handed buckets by Teske by my count.

It’s amazing how much he has develop!


Whoops, sorry about that. Added it, but here you go

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I love that the debate about of which two players is the most indispensable comes to the two starters that are least considered for their nba potential


Without the benefit of re-watching the tape, it seems that Livers played a near perfect game. In retrospect, he probably should have gotten more of Iggy’s minutes.


Yes and no. Livers was key defensively and brings some shooting, but I think there’s a ceiling to what you hope to get out of Iggy that it makes sense to still play him those minutes.

I thought I had a good read on Livers’ defense earlier in the season, but it’s really back and forth recently. Today was a superb performance though.

I think you could make a case that Livers is the most indispensable player on the team since he is the key backup at three positions. Without him, we might have to play Matthews, Iggy and Teske 40 minutes every game. You saw what the bench substitution looked like when he had to sit with foul trouble at Iowa (along with Teske).

I think those few games they won without him downplays Livers’ importance a bit. If all the chips are down, Michigan is going with the ones usually.

Simpson, Teske are both critical to the point where you can’t really imagine the team without them.

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Maybe in general, but when he is playing 32 minutes and giving you 2 points on 9 shot attempts while Livers is having one of his better games, I think it is an easy call. I wonder if Beilein would do it differently the next time. Seems like he went there a little late.

I STILL maintain that the discussion still doesn’t include our “three NBA prospects,” and love that this is our team. I Am a big fan of Livers game and role on the team. Definitely see the argument for him - still not Poole Iggy or “Charlie”


I get your point and it is a good one.

Does Matthews go by “Charlie” with teammates and friends/family? If so Gus should stick to calling him by his proper, non-familiar name.