Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


Carolina holds on to beat Miami in OT at the Dean Dome.


Good day gets better. I had my eye on that one, too.


Seemed like we got in Happ’s head a bit. He looked to score every time he had the ball in the 2nd half - way too aggressive.


When Michigan takes away the shooters, Happ has to keep it and force up a shot, whether its a good one or not.


Felt that way to me, too. Looked like he was sped up trying to score instead of his usual methodical, below-the-rim old man gambit.


Where ya’ll at on the refs after Wisconsin attempted 2 free throws and Happ spent 7 or 8 minutes on the bench in foul trouble? :thinking:


Feels more like that was because everyone else on their team had nothing in the second half. Once we had Z play you do not leave defense on Trice, Wisc, had very little in the way of great options.

Teske really found his feet in the 2nd half. To me that was more Teske than bad Happ. Teske was in the wrong position constantly on Happ’s takes in the 1st half, the opposite in the 2nd.


Teske made him work for every inch in the second half. Great effort.


Yep agreed! And Teske/Michigan is incredibly smart. He played soft in the post in the first half, smartly not soft in effort, to stay out of foul trouble.

It was obvious Teske could body him up better when aggresive, Teske is way too good and Happ is, well he’s a rhythm killer.


He should have been in foul trouble midway through the first half. Just because the calls went our way in the second half doesn’t mean they didn’t miss a ton in the first.


Very much agree with you


Seriously, maybe Happ should stop committing dumb as dirt fouls, huh?!

He was super lucky not to get his 4th on a Teske and 1. Guess his teammate committed one a split second earlier before Happ raked Teske’s arms on a way too late to foul foul.

The idea that Happ fouls are a close call is nonsense.

He’s great, he commits so many incredibly stupid fouls.

And Brad Davidson offensive fouled someone on his way to get back on the bus.


All I can say is I want no part of playing them in the BTT.


I mean, Happ should have had like 4 fouls in the first 15 minutes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I really don’t get all this ref complaining. They only directly stole like 6 points from us in a low possession game.


I think we have all wondered where Matthews mid range jumper went. He couldn’t make a thing from 3 to 8 feet in January. If he finds that stroke like he did today it’s going to change the dynamic of this team so much.

The 3 point shooting in the second half was concerning, but this team usually bounces back after weak 3 point shooting performances.

Also have to keep in mind Michigan won’t see too many defenses this good over the next month.


Glad you at least apologized


At 46-45, Happ was so lucky Iverson fouled down low first on Teske’s and one.

Coach B wanted Iggy out when Reavers made the three to make it 49-48, but couldn’t get a game stop until he called a time out at 2:38 to bring in Livers for Iggy.


Post of the day goes to @MaizeBlue10 for making it clear experience and reputation rule with the refs early in the game. But, they finally came around on Davison flops. To Dylan’s credit, the calls more or less evened out by game’s end.


What do we think about Michigan’s aggressive switching approach for most of the game? Seemed to work but idk if I liked it. Was very vulnerable to those Happ postups on mismatches