Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


Big win!! I wanted that revenge game bad!


Beilein said in an interview this week that Charles is going to have an “interesting decision” to make about next year. I think that fired Matthews up!


They were fine when he was out, were they not??

Reuvers is better at the 5. Spaces the floor, creates balance allowing everyone to get involved.


Were we 0-10 from 3 second half?




The pregame keys to success were dead on Dylan, twos for Matthews all day!!


We’ve seen it many times – a guy who looks lost in January in a Beilein offense suddenly puts it all together in Feb and March. Walton being the best, but not only, example.


That slam by Livers covered the spread for us lmao. We won by 9 and the spread was 8.


Gutty, gutty performance. We found a way even when we couldn’t buy anything from downtown.


Had a feeling that was a spread coverer lol


On a day we missed great shot after great shot, he was en fuego

Brad Davison is committing an offensive foul ON EVERY SINGLE DAMN DRIVE

It’s 2019, that’s supposed to be called


Look out B1G ! Matthews time the rest of the season !


Honestly if we hit half of the wide open threes today, that’s about as well as we can play


I had -6.5 so I was sweating that Happ garbage heave from half court.


Sorry guys I’ve reached the max number of likes for the next 2 hours


Teske’s best game of the year? Had to be in the top 3-4.


Bravo Mr. Matthews!! We all know you have this upside, glad to see you put it together in a major game.


Livers, with nine big points today, had a bit of a quiet breakthrough himself.


I could not believe the 3’s we were missing. Thank goodness for Charles today because it is pretty amazing to win a game like that missing so many wide open or close to wide open threes.

Goes without saying, but you usually don’t win games when that’s happening.


Happ is on the phone apologizing to his bookie right now.


That Teske bat down and steal was the non Charles play of the game.

That Charles swish at the buzzer was pure heaven