Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Recap



only 22 bench minutes

Probably just a bit below average at 22 bench minutes. Problems arise for Michigan when that number gets too high.

Purdue beat Michigan twice last year.

And Simpson has now made 19 of his last 24 free throw attempts.


HBD Coach Beilein!

Excellent bounce back game tonight. Seems like a lot of the Iowa mistakes were really rectified in recent practices.

All the starters were terrific.

Livers needs to start dunking with two hands, not one.

What type of Cheerios are Matthews and Simpson eating? Their FTs look immaculate these days.

That defense on Geo Baker was tremendous by Matthews and Simpson.

Rutgers made some tough 2s. Especially Myles Johnson with some tough hook shots over Teske. Michigan was willing to concede the 2 points instead of reaching in fouling, which was smart. Even in doing so, Rutgers still had to work hard for its points over 40 minutes.

An observation with Matthews - when he attempts to shoot without any hesitation and in stride, he is more successful making shots. With the exception of his fade away jumper, that he made, his shots were in a natural rhythm, no hitches.

Simpson’s passes were really impressive in which players could catch the ball right in their shooting pocket to pull up fluidly in shooting form. The assists will show on the stat sheet but the quality of passes are at a high level.

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I can’t figure out why you posted that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Had something wrong that I had to edit out of the original recap.

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Same stuff that Nojel Eastern is eating apparently.

This felt like a better defenstive performance that the ppp numbers would indicate, but maybe that’s just the fact that M was comfortably ahead.

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Late three was the difference between .94 (slightly above Michigan’s Big Ten average) and .99.

Hopefully Teske’s shooting was a one game aberration thing, because we really need that aspect of his game to be on point. Many of those misses were bad bricks.

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Teske’s shot looked rough, but I also thought he got the ball in some tough spots. Simpson played great, again, but he and Matthews passed it to Teske a couple times when you knew Teske would shoot it but the shots weren’t particularly good ones. Teske does seem to rush sometimes, and it makes a big difference for him.

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When his feet aren’t set, it is almost always a miss (as is the case with most non-elite shooters).


It really annoys me when an opponent makes a meaningless three at the buzzer to skew an otherwise solid defensive PPP stat. I can’t be the only one!

Time to start your own site that calculates efficiency stats without garbage time :rofl:

We made an equally meaningless three on the possession earlier if that makes you feel any better :slight_smile:


This is true, though Michigan had a shot clock and Rutgers didn’t. I guess they could’ve taken the shot clock violation.

I note that a RU player took 17 shots to score 21 points. Do you know what is a good ppp [point per possession [not shot] for an individual?

Eastern has become Mark Price or Steve Nash percentage wise at the FT line. SMH. Lol, all this with probably the most awkward form in the history of FT shooting.

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