Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Recap


Offensive rating is basically a personal PPP (bit complicated of a formula overall but that’s basically what it comes out to). 100 is basically the baseline for good vs. bad.

Up around 110 to 120 for the season is great. So on an individual game level 115+ is basically a really good game.

Omoruyi was at 112 last night.


I agree on your point about Michigan’s fast start being the difference, but the Wolverines also won the final 3 and a half minutes when Rutgers had closed to within 8 points and had a chance to win it. Strong start and strong finish.


That’s true, but it is always easy to answer those runs when they cut a 15 point lead to 8 instead of an 8 point lead to 2.


I would say easier, not easy. But, I think we are in agreement.

I thought this was one of our best games in quite a while. Even better than the IU game because Rutgers put up more of a fight.


Sharp. Crisp. Michigan’s offense looked like they were paying attention to detail. Poole’s cut, catch,and shoot 3 pointer right at the college line was emblematic. Poole looked like Reggie Miller on that play. Brazdeikis shot never looked more confident and smooth. I’m hopeful yesterday was a step forward for the offense.


Thank you for the info.


As a simple rule of thumb: you want points to be greater than FGA+TO.


For clarification, it was Teske not Johns that was in during the 8-0 run in the first half. Johns did OK in his shift and he hustles(he did create an extra possession on an OR that bounced off Rutgers), but he looks very lost on offense and is either standing around or begging a guard to use him as a screen. There is no flow to his offense right now.