Game 22: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

I’m sure that I’m in that 5%. I’d have to BYO shirt and color coordinate if I were attending. Two shirts for my son would be good news for him.

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The jinx is in… calling Teske a very good defender

JOhns with confidence


One of these days the shots will fall, right? Right?

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Offense running smooth.

OSU really does a great job hanging in the gaps

Can’t drop and give Wesson those shots today

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Got to establish position better if we’re gonna post. Teske can’t back down 15 feet

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Is that on Teske? Or the person who gives the entry pass? Thinking John has to establish better position from the start no?

Drawing some fouls early which is nice

Getting great looks, just can’t make shit.

Still can’t shoot. Maybe against Sparty?!?

IMO Michigan would have a better chance to win if they made more shots


Referee had to look the other way to make sure Wesson didn’t get called for his second.

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More shots for Johns please

Holy fuck what is happening

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Caleb Wesson is making NBA shots.

This is the worst shooting Michigan team Since Amaker

Teske coul learn a thing or two from wessun about establising position on the blocks.