Game 22: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

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Let us know if Livers is in warming up.

My student sports station got me in early today, and WOW the shirts look so cool. The energy is about to be insane, the students were lined up super far. And I even got to shake hands with Jay Bilas :smiley:


So do people throughout sections just trade T-shirts to match sizes or what?

Generally they are all big enough so that 95% of people can fit into them.


Officials for Ohio State at Michigan: Terry Wymer, DJ Carstensen and Paul Szelc

I remember last year early it seemed like M had Carstensen almost every game. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is his first time for M this year.

No Livers during warmups.

Correct… 11 games last year… 1st this year.

Seems strange he warmed up at Nebraska and hasn’t since.

I wasn’t in Lincoln, but I don’t think he did a full warm up or anything did he? Seems like someone tweeted that he was but that was quickly debunked.

Debunked is a great word.

How in the world do they put Wymer on a Michigan-Ohio State game???

A few pregame thoughts on Michigan-Ohio State:

  1. Kaleb Wesson will pose a problem vs. U-M’s drop ball screen coverage.
  2. OSU has an elite ball screen defense (top 10 nationally) but likes to hedge a lot of ball screens. Should be reads for Simpson to make.
  3. OSU is really good at limiting transition opportunities this year but that was an area where Michigan opened up the game in A2 last year.
  4. Not a lot of playmaking depth on this OSU roster, sets up well for how U-M likes to defend (little help, prevent 3PAs).
  5. Wings on both teams are kind of a toss up. Never really sure what you are going to get from Wagner/Washington/Johns/Brooks/Muhammad offensively.
  6. Should be a good test of bball IQ for Johns defensively to keep tabs on Kyle Young. Opportunistic with putbacks, cuts, etc.

Just read through old tweets and that must’ve been the case. Someone reported he was warming up and shooting with everyone else. Must’ve been early shootaround and was debunked as pregame warmups.

Lets get it tonight. Need the Seniors to be at their best and a couple others to step up

Looking forward to Wesson losing his mind and getting T’d up after Zavier blocks his shot again. Although I can see Franz get under his skin as well.


Win the game!

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