Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Recap

The 2017 year is probably the best example I can think of:

True, and if Michigan beats MSU twice, it’s hard to envision M with more than 3 conference losses. They would have have to go 5-3 against teams not named MSU. Thus, I’m thinking 17-3 is going to be o win league title. 16-4 being the floor at this point.

Ha! My math failed me. Not the first time

We rarely seem to have all three (or even two of the three) of Iggy/Poole/Matthews going at the same time. Iggy seems to have busted out of his midseason slump, now if we can get the others to turn it on, we’ll be in business.

Does anyone know of any recruits that were at the game? Seemed like their section was pretty full last night.

Imagine what the score could have been if Beilein didn’t let Dakich go to OSU to be a graduate assistant…


A lot of people are nervous about the offense but I’m not really. Yes it would be nice if they hit more threes but honestly I don’t think that’s the biggest culprit.

We’ve been making a lot of careless turnovers and for some reason throw it away Or take bad shots off turnovers we create. This team outside of a few people is a weak passing team and often misses easier looks or just takes bad looks with iggy being the biggest culprit.

As good as iggy is he and sometimes Poole or Mathews just don’t give it up the open guy on two on ones or theee on twos on the break and take it themselves. Iggy also wont pass it ahead quick enough to start a break and we miss a chance to get out ahead.

We should be dominant on the break with this roster, particularly how often we get steals and we just don’t pass well enough off of them and just make bad choices overall that lead to empty breaks.

When they were red hot earlier in the year this wasn’t much of problem and they were getting the easy looks.

. Being just a solid offensive team is ridiculous considering we have 6 really nice offensive weapons and then brooks who I believe can be a spark if he gets his head in the game.

Either way I love this team and think it’s top notch, just need to clean up dumb turnovers and look to hit the open man on the break.


I appreciate that John Teske stepped in and told Wesson, “Get the hell away from my guys!”

Yeah, a lot of my frustration with the offense is not getting the ball to the rim for easy transition looks and then ending up with a meh shot in the half court. Or as you stated not giving it up on an odd-man rush and forcing a bad shot (Poole and Iggy do this way more than I’d like).

I agree that this has been a frustration. But I will say that Iggy showed great progress last night when he looked like he was going to pick up a second charge call in transition, recognized the situation, and pulled the ball back out to set up in the halfcourt. Now, I’m sure that the entire bench was yelling for him to do exactly that, but still; progress!


Funny you mention that as I’m watching the BTN in 60 version of the game right now and just saw that instance of Iggy pulling it back out. Good call!

Also, Justin Ahrens is a punk. He clearly and intentionally cheap shot shoulder bumped Simpson who ended up on the floor because he had no inkling it was coming. This was after the dust-up with Wesson and happened right in front of the refs. IMO it should’ve drawn a tech (and maybe an immediate ejection given the previous situation) as I’m sure the refs warned both teams to cool it. Just trash.

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I saw that live and couldn’t believe the refs did nothing - especially coming after all the earlier chippiness.

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They are saving it for MARCH!

We don’t really have a “generic Michigan basketball discussion” thread so I figured I’d put this here. I came across the final minutes of the 2009 Minnesota game that pretty much got us into the tourney for the first time in a decade and I thought it was super interesting to just watch how the offense has evolved in 10 years.

I totally forgot about the ending where they hit a game tying three with 4 seconds left… right as Tubby called timeout.

The program has evolved so much since then. From the scheme to the talent, it’s night and day. Manny and Deshawn would’ve still been excellent under the current program. But wow, gone are the days where they have guys like David Merritt and CJ Lee playing major minutes.

P.s. I admit I’ve done the same though with not knowing where to post something that doesn’t specifically relate to a previous post. Surprised there isn’t a generic Michigan thread on here. Someone should make one.


They mention a 14-2 Michigan run. We were down 10+ in the second half and fought all the way back, in a must-win on the road. We always seemed to rise to the occasion against the Gophers.


I miss that old Barn floor…

Felt like I was watching Indiana. Sims and Harris = Morgan and Langford and…not much else


Was thinking the exact same thing earlier today when I was listening to a podcast that mentioned Indiana. Langford, the poor shooting slasher, and Morgan, the undersized 5 who can stretch the floor but also has a post game, even kinda line up with Manny and Deshawn. Of course their versions are better individual players.

The kicker? Michigan finished that season 47th on Kenpom. Indiana right now? 47th. Speaks to Beilein’s coaching because as I said above, I believe both have similar supporting casts, but their two main guys are better by a decent chunk. [edit: I’m not as low on Langford as some lol].


Frosh Lankford is not a better player than Junior Harris.

2009 Harris was a sophomore, but considering their usage/efficiency are about the same despite Langford’s recent slump I’d have to guess that Langford would be doing a good chunk better with a coach like Beilein. Obviously hypotheticals like that don’t mean much though.

It’s worth nothing that Michigan still had three other backcourt players that were somewhat okay efficiency wise. Novak, Lee, and Grady all had ORtg’s above 105. Langford currently has 1 other backcourt player with an ORtg above 100. The more I look at these stats the more I realize just how brutal the rest of that team is. We’ll see at the end of the season.