Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Recap


It seems like team free throw % has really improved during Conf play. Am I correct?

This was one of those games where I just had the feeling that we were going to win, even early on when we were trailing. We were just getting open shots the whole game, and especially at home I knew they’d fall in eventually. Also, Crisler looked pretty packed given the weather and start time. I guess that’s what happens when you’re hot.

Way to meme Dylan

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“Wolverines generate a lot of open looks for Livers at the four and five spots and he just needs to hit them.”

Big part of reason those shots are generated is because Livers can get the shot off. He elevates, gets the ball high, has confidence, and (work in progress) can put the ball on floor. That is one nice looking shot.

I bet Livers is the second best shooter on the team from three in Beilein’s opinion. He always dials Livers up.


The defense is obviously great. And the offense, while fine, is not a vintage Beilein offense. Given that it’s just about February, is there predecent for significant improvement in the next month?

He does have confidence in him. And compares his role to Duncan. So there’s something there. Just needs to find consistency.


I agree, absolutely beautiful shot! Look at the photos of Isaiah in the photo gallery. 6’7 with that elevation, wow! Picture perfect shot mechanics. When he is confident he is an outstanding three point shooter.

As for Coach B’s opinion, he DID pit Isaiah against JP in the three point shootout at the open practice back in November, and as Dylan says, he compares Isaiah with the Duncan Robinson role which is really high praise.

I agree. It’s GREAT the way they can dial up Isaiah. A couple of times last night I just watched the play develop and I KNEW what was going to happen. That is SO huge for this team.


Are you Dan Dakisch? He seemed to know too!!

“Simpson might be the best point guard in the country that no one knows how to measure, but he responded with a stat line that is universally understood: 11 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds”

That is a great line/quote.


Livers with 12 points, not 16.

Whoops, thanks. Problem with these 1 am recaps :slight_smile:

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And don’t forget…zero turnovers.

I have to wonder if that’s a team record for most assists without a turnover.


During the open practice, a fan asked Beilein who our best 3 point shooter is. Beilein said “you will see a couple of guys in our shooting competition later.” As I recall, I think Isiah hit 17 of 25 to give Jordan a good run for his money.

Ha! No! I wouldn’t know what Dakich knew because I turned the sound down so low I couldn’t hear Dakich! And believe me, it’s hard to get the sound low enough not to hear THAT guy! :rofl:

There were time I would have liked to tell him to STFU, too! In fact I’m sure I yelled it at my TV a few times before I turned the volume down! When Dakich came on to do his stupid “on the floor” “clinic” or whatever it’s supposed to be, I was yelling at the refs, “Get that clown off the floor!” :grinning:


I usually enjoy listening to him do color. He has a lot of interesting takes and isn’t afraid to state an unpopular opinion. He does come up with some pretty off the wall stuff sometimes, like when he said last night that Shaka Smart is a great coach.


RE: Smart, I think that was just one (former) member of the coaching fraternity propping up another. Shaka Smart has pretty well shown that he is a fantastic recruiter and a meh coach.

From KenPom I see 73.2%, good for 7th in conference play.


Blah. Yes, was looking at FT% defense on my phone. Still, I think mid-70s is a good number compared to the non-conference.

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Agreed! With how poorly shot in the non-conference it’s nice to see a solid number in league play.