Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Recap

Looking like neither M or MSU will lose more than 4 conference games. Certainly think one of the two will win at least 16 conference games. Only need to go 6-4 over second half of conference schedule. I’m beginning to think 17-3 wins league title

6-4 would equate to 15-5, FWIW.


The cheap shot by Wesson on Poole last night that started the entire push and shove episode should have been a flagrant 1 or 2 only on Wesson. If the incompetent B1G officials can’t do better they should just bring in some good high school officials. The opinionated and always jumping to conclusions Dan Dakich needs to be ban from the Crisler Center!

It was hard to get a good replay of what exactly happened on the screen. Simpson was mad and obviously went down, but did they ever show a clear replay?

Did not show a replay, but I remember when it happened he looked pissed. It looked like afterwards he was talking to the ref more than Wesson and Wesson came in their conversation and thats when it escalated.

Chicken shit way out of that by the refs. T up Wesson, maybe the double Tech, but no need to put on the show to T up everybody on the floor

The screen was against Simpson though, not Poole, right? That’s why he was the one who started the talking?

Yes, it was on Simpson.

I appreciate that Jon Teske’s career stats will now include a technical foul.


I don’t know if there is a precedent, but I’d imagine it would have to include at least one player really kicking it up a notch like Walton a couple years ago. Beilein is definitely making the most of what he’s got with the emphasis on not turning the ball over. We have the 27th best kenpom AdjO, with only the 114th best Effective FG% in the country.

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I’m fine with how it was officiated. Teske got a shove in there and I’m pretty sure that’s an auto technical foul. Poole was going super hard, people in the game thread were saying he was going to get himself thrown out, so I’m not surprised he got one either.

edit: not Poole never mind

Poole didn’t get one, which is what is hilarious to me.


Look at MSU’s schedule and see where they end up with more than 3 losses. It might require Michigan beating them twice. Michigan has plently of loseable games left that I just don’t see with MSU, unfortunately


Yes there is a video of it where Wesson goes in with both forearms blasting into Poole and Simpson went straight to the official to complain about it.

Was it Simpson? At the game the announcer had to rush through the Michigan ones because free throws were happening.

e: just saw the box score, yup.

Yep: Simpson, Teske, Woods and Wesson.

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We would need them to lose at Kohl next month, at a minimum.

I also don’t understand why this forum obsesses over officiating so much.


The screen is definitely against Simpson unless it is from a previous possession. The way the video cuts you just can’t tell exactly what leaves Simpson laying on the ground.

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Kinda changing the topic, but getting a triple double in a 62 possession game where the opponent turns it over 19 times is somewhat ridiculous.


X rebounded 47% of OSU’s missed shots. Good boxing out by the team.

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I am sorry I said Poole I meant Livers the copy of the video I saw was very hard to see clearly, after Simpson fought threw the pick Livers was plowed into by the forearms of Wesson. Thank you for finding a clear video of it.