Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Preview

Interesting how the spread has gone from -10 to -8.5.

That is a pretty hefty amount of line movement… Not quite sure what to make of it.

Agreed. Only thing I can think of is the freezing temps. Bettors must like the assumed lack of home court advantage tonight.

79% of bets on Michigan, but line moves down to 8.5 :thinking::thinking:

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Ha I didn’t even notice that. Must’ve been one, or a small few, BIG money bets on OSU.

Assume that means the sharps like OSU here. Probably think the line is just too big, after all we almost lost to Minnesota at home a week ago.

Yeah, I’m a little concerned as to what kind of home court advantage Michigan will have tonight between the awful weather conditions and the 9pm start. I’m expecting there will be lots of empty seats in the upper bowl. Hopefully the students still pack the house!

It’ll atleast be the second best student turnout this year. there’ll probably be between 2246 and 2631 students attending. Had 2633 vs UNC. 2084 vs Purdue as our 3rd best game.

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If Teske gets in foul trouble and OSU is playing a lot of zone, do you:
A) Roll with Livers at the 5 and obviously double Wesson hard?
B) Roll with Davis and see if he can survive one-on-one?

I expect to see more empty seats in the lower bowl----unless they let upper bowlers sneak down.

Also, I wouldn’t expect Kaleb Wesson to play 30 minutes. So, we’ll be seeing some minutes form Jaeden DeLee and Andre (!) Wesson at C

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That should make it easy to play Livers at the 5 when Kaleb Wesson is resting (or in foul trouble). Great opportunity to even steal some minutes with Johns at the 5 tonight, should he go that route.

Game is on tonight FWIW, despite canceled classes on Weds and Thurs.

I’m just glad Tate has graduated from OSU and won’t be playing tonight. He was always a thorn in the side of Michigan.

Dakich is a grad assistant so still want to crush him

Good point. Probably a lot of fat cats staying at home tonight (not that I could necessarily blame them). Certainly not anyone from the west side of the state. You’d have to be nuts to make that drive.

I remember driving back to GR from I believe the Wisconsin “Death To Backboards” game and around Lansing hit a major blizzard. It was a complete whiteout. Felt like I was the only car on the road as I puttered down I-96 at about 30mph. Took forever to get home. /coolstorybro


I’m liking Michigan to cover 8.5. I hate the OSU offensive concept. They really can look befuddled in their half court attack.

What is Michigan’s record ATS this year? I know they had a nice stretch of not covering in the non conference season. 10 seemed pretty high to begin with.

Michigan is a “perfect” 10-10 ATS, 6-3 Big Ten